Cool as a cucumber


I was born in a family of very expressive people who could express their emotions very easily.  Be it love, happiness, and of course anger!  I am no exception either!  I can lose my calm at the snap of a finger.  I can’t control my anxiousness in any problematic situation.

My husband on the other hand is exactly the opposite.  He is cool as a cucumber!  I remember when we got married every one in my family was surprised by his calm nature!!  It has been 15 years of our marriage and would you believe he has never raised his voice on me?  His calm nature is something that I would never want to change, never ever.

Because of his calmness in adverse situations, many relationships have been saved.  His composed self has helped me raise our kids with a lot of confidence.  He has never yelled or blamed me for anything.  Yes, it’s true and not made up!  He has raised our kids with utmost patience.  His calm demeanor has stopped me from expressing my angry views at the wrong times.

I am happy that my son, who is now a teenager, has had his good gene of calmness as well as has emulated his father a lot when it comes to conducting himself in adverse situations.  In the future, he will also be a calm and relaxed husband and father!

Funnily enough, my husband’s calmness has rubbed onto me as well!  I have become a lot milder in these 15 years.

Please my love, handle me calmly when I become a cranky old woman!!


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