How to cope up with different TV watching habits? Q&A with Deepak

When he likes Game of Thrones, and you are more of a Big Boss buff, sparks would fly when you sit together in front of the TV. Deepak Kashyap, the counsellor of Bonobology and renowned Psychologist, answers that on FB live session

Couples are bound to have varied tastes in TV shows, but what if it starts to pull the two of you apart? One of you might keep binge-watching House of Cards, and the other one might like watching Friends.

This might create conflict between the two, and the couples might watch their programs separately. But doing this, couples often lose their sense of intimacy and connection.

Watching shows alone might lead to isolation as well. Watching shows separately might be fun in the beginning, but it can quickly create a feeling of separation. This is the time when couples should spend together and build a connection.

How to deal when you hate each other’s tastes in TV?

Couples should try to find something to watch together that can create bonding and connection between the two. There are streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, where the odds of finding a show that interests both partners is high. You should have sacred rules of watching TV with your partner as you watch Sacred Games. (And chances are both of you will opt for it.)

Deciding which shows to watch may seem like a trivial task. Still, it can be indicative of you and your partner’s general negotiating skills and a reflection of how you handle more significant issues.

Watching TV shows together not only allows couples to bounce theories off each other but also could be a catalyst for intimacy. It’s the perfect time to squeeze in some cuddle time with your partner and get into that feel-good mood that comes with physical closeness.

There is something romantic about lying in a bed or couch together with a laptop or phone or TV and watching the show together.


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