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Couple Relationship R Best Buddies; #ContestAlert


My husband , my best buddy as I always call him is a super cool person I have ever met. It’s been 8 years of our marriage, he just doesn’t say it Anniversary rather love to call it Friendeversary!!!! Yeah even I feel so. In our relationship I’m the chatter box and hez like I would love to listen anything from you , yes literally any kind of useless drama I do.

He is not that kind of person who always say those 3 magical words for everything. For that part I always make reasons to express, because whenever I say those 3 words I love those dimpy smiles that struck his face. I’m like “You are slaying it man”.

He always makes air for me to breathe in. He adores me more than I myself do. He allows me to be as myself always. His smile always gives me positive energy. He cares for me as if I’m a little girl going to school. Most importantly he always shares everything with me , no matter what , either happiness, sad, anxiety, anger (which he feel very less), success, ups , downs … Whatever he feels . He always considers my advice and makes myself feel like a queen. I love that part.

I always try to make him extrovert which he is obviously not. But I work hard to keep up to his cute smile on his face forever. Whenever people say your “husband is calling you “or something “your husband is looking for you” kind of words in a gatherings l literally feels myself-” hey yeah  he is my husband”. Else v were like college buddies with no hash tag names as husband n wife just hanging out together.

I will always work on to help him support in any kind with which he could stay as him truly. That kind of down to earth personality even after having  decent salary is hard to find with many people in today’s busy life. I like that part of him the most.

I wish ourselves to stay Friends Forever with status update — Married each other!!!

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