Couples and social media PDA: To share or not to share?

‘Public Display of Affection is not an indication of a happy relationship. True love has nothing to prove!’

‘There’s nothing sexier than a man who is in love with his woman and is not afraid to show it.’

And just like the quotes above, there are 2 differing points of view about PDA on social media.

Love is a wonderful feeling which makes the whole world beautiful

Just knowing that you have someone who adores you and only you, is an endearing and special feeling. With the advent of social media and given that it has become a way of our lives today, it has become almost mandatory to declare every loss and gain that comes our way in life, to the outside world. Be it a new job, a heartbreak or simply relishing on a yummy dessert, we all have this undying need to share it with the world. And if we feel sharing about consuming our favourite food is so essential, the special moments with our loved ones definitely need to go up the wall of fame. Otherwise, how will the people know about how profound and undying our love is? However ridiculous it may sound, it is today’s reality.

The decision to go public about one’s affection is an individual one

Love between two individuals has always existed. Our grandparents loved each other and so do our parents. But I don’t think my dadi wrote it on a notice board about how much she adored dadaji. And I know my dad never made a collage of pictures from the honeymoon photo album just so the world knows he loves my mom.

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Sakshi, 34, a dentist, is totally against being all mush on social media. “I love my man but social media is no place to show that. Not only is the internet unsafe now, I don’t feel it is necessary to show to the entire world that we are really in love with each other. One of my colleagues mentioned very casually about her school friend and how she had not seen any updates about her and her husband in a while, which made her doubt if all was well between them! I gave her a look of disbelief but held my tongue as that was her personal thought. But it is so alarming that people are playing guessing games about other people’s personal lives through the social media timelines now! In my opinion, I would rather have my husband by my side for real instead of just for a picture on FB.”

Seeing someone happy makes you feel a little positive about life in general

Hemant, 29, is a wedding photographer and meets couples who are extremely particular about what kind of pictures they want. “People want the shoot to be done in such a way that there are particular shots for display pictures and cover photos on social media. I feel it is great if they want to share the joy with the world. Not just because it gives me more business, but there is so much negativity around us today, that seeing someone happy makes you feel a little positive about life in general.”

Posting lovey dovey status updates or romantic pictures is a personal choice

Some people are very vocal and in general like to share about the happenings in their life; their Thailand trip photos become just one of the things. But there are some people who do such things with a clear agenda in mind. I remember my ex-boss telling me about how she posted pictures with her husband just to make a friend (husbands ex) jealous. I mean that is just plain pitiful.

Social media connects people across the world. This has proven to be a boon especially for couples who are in a long-distance relationship. While it is quite understandable to miss your loved one and commenting a simple ‘I miss you’ on their pictures, it gets a little too much when people staying under the same roof post pictures day and night about mundane things like – ‘Going to the supermarket’ or ‘Who needs a reason for Mexican’. We get it! You ate Mexican food even if there was no occasion to celebrate. But was it really mandatory to share it on social media?

PDA on social media is not necessarily a bad thing

PDA on social media is not necessarily a bad thing
Love is a very private emotion and can be expressed through the smallest of the things.

It can be done in a contained and classy way too. Love is a very private emotion and can be expressed through the smallest of the things. I have never witnessed my parents saying I love you to each other. But I know my mother makes my father’s favorite Beetroot halwa without him asking for it and my dad tries his level best to shut the back door with care so that the lizards don’t enter the house.
Love is far more than posting a few pictures on social media or tagging your partner in romantic quotes. At the end of the day, it is each person’s opinion and belief system, but PDA on social media can be cute if done appropriately.

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  1. Saloni Maheshwari

    Personally what I feel is there is nothing wrong with your affection and love towards your partner but doing it every now and then in just not healthy. You can rather spend some quality time together instead of focusing on your social media.

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