Couples that laugh together

couple laughing together

Laughter is the best medicine; we have heard this age-old adage since childhood.

According to science, laughter helps in the release of feel-good substances (endorphins) in our body. It makes us feel young, energised and positive; reduces stress and anxiety and is believed to keep in check a host of medical conditions. It is so potent that even if we pretend to laugh, we fool our brains into believing us to be that happy and make ourselves gain from it! Probably that’s what lead to the global mushrooming of numerous laughter clubs and laughter-yoga exercises.

Years ago I read an article in the paper which complained about couples wasting their late nights by watching re-runs of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (versus having sex). I wonder is that really wasting away of couple time? Stretched out on the bed in your spouse’s arms after a hard long day, enjoying hearty laughter, surely cannot be a bad thing!

I remember as we were growing up, whenever my friends and I received our latest issue of Champak, Target or Reader’s Digest, the first thing we did was to look up the Table of Contents and find the jokes. Even to us as children, laughter, humour and happiness were synonymous in their essence. Once children grow into adults and are seeking out relationships, what can be more wonderful for them than to find and to be with someone- with whom they can share that hearty, carefree and spontaneous childhood laughter.

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Blessed are the people who are in life long committed relationships such as these. They’re always just a little laughter session away from the ‘heady-high’ that the endorphin induced opiate effect can bring about for them!

Humour truly is a precious talent worth honing if one wants maximum fulfilment and satisfaction from one’s relationships. It must be wonderful to laugh away your blues… or being able to laugh away your fights… or imagine bursting into laughter in the middle of a heated argument with your other half… What fun! Mortifying yes, but what fun!

The following video from ‘The School Of Life’ brings to our notice another aspect – a vital aspect. How humour can be used to help ‘prevent’ fights and keep unpleasantness at bay in a relationship! Watch below to find out how. Keyword to look out for here is #Exaggeration. Happy Viewing!

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