Being a true Libran, all my life I have tried pleasing all in the family. Balance was the key word in relationships, be it husband, in-laws, son, friends and other members of the family. Anyone in need, it was always me who was called for advise, to take to doctors, to give legal leads. And that too after doing a full time job, juggling with a child, old parents, a busy corporate life partner.

But then one day I realised I have to say ‘No.’ I realised I cannot please everyone, and how much and whatever I try to do, none will ever be completely satisfied with my dedication or motives. But saying ‘No’ initially meant being rude, at least that’s what I thought it was. However, I soon realised there are many out there, who do not bat an eyelid to just ignore me and say no to my needs. Hence I thought why not try to use ‘No’ at times and just learn to please your own self before pleasing others.

And trust me, life turned more fun, once I started loving myself and no longer felt guilty that I could not please everyone. All were pretty rude to me in the beginning, specially they got used to getting whatever they wished from me. Now that I started to put my foot down, they did not know how to react. The power of ‘No’ had indeed caught up with them. They learnt to respect better and understand the worth of the other person.

Have you too ever said ‘No’ to the apparent emotional needs of your family?


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