Coz I Have a Vagina Re – Why I am humming these lines like an anthem..

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Kangana Ranaut is literally the virtual Queen since the beginning of calendar 2017. While some of the feature headlines have portrayed her as the antagonist of the story, there have also been an overwhelming amount of feature headlines that have hailed her as the brave protagonist. Her latest bold and brave move is the AIB feat, The Bollywood Diva song, “‘Coz I have a Vagina Re”.

While so many leading daily websites have applauded the song’s stinging take on sexism in Bollywood industry, they have also enclosed it as a chapter in Kangana’s personal vendetta diary. But is the song actually about the trials and tribulations faced by one woman? I certainly think not. When I listened to the song, I could feel my head nodding and my feet tapping to several of those lines, even when I am not remotely linked to the entertainment industry.

Then why did I connect with this song on so many levels? Because sexism isn’t limited to the premises of shooting sets. It is a grim truth women all around like me live with. Guess what, only yesterday I had this notion thrown at me – “I don’t think you should have booked a ticket in the train that reaches Chennai at 10:30 pm. Women shouldn’t travel late night.” And you can already guess my response, “Coz I have a vagina re?”

This song has its strings hooked deep into me, and I am loving it! I am sure women all around me are also doing the same. Need reasons why? Check the little lessons of self-worth.

#Stop seeing yourself as the ‘other’ of your male counterpart. You are not just HIS love interest, wife or girlfriend. You are so much more and the world better know the real you!

#Women exist to titillate the audience while it is men whom people should listen to for some food for their brain. Every body part of the female – cleavage, ass, thighs, lips – is successfully marketed in media. Why? Because she has a vagina?

#When she has an opinion – “It’s cute.”
When he has an opinion – “OMG! He’s so smart.”

#It is high time you kiss goodbye to social traditions, moral policing, body shaming, peer and family pressure, and pick your self-respect!

#The female role in every sector is underestimated, underpaid, undervalued. Women are tired of being listed as the second best. Mute the chauvinists!

#Fair skin, zero figure, timid voice, submissive nature – the gender expectations of society are crushing to the self-esteem of women. Is this the ideal image of a woman?

#Always stay armoured for criticism no matter what you do. Patriarchy has never been comfortable about a bold, opinionated woman. When patriarchy says, “Modern women don’t face such discrimination anymore. You’re being a feminazi now!” politely ask, “Why is your paycheck more than mine?”

Life for Him remains pretty much the same. Then why is Hers DONE after marriage?

Women can’t be brave. They don’t have the ‘balls’ for it. Since when have balls become the synonym for bravery?

Men will never allow the power play to be equalled. If you are a proud, self-loving, independent woman who speaks her heart undaunted, then chances are pretty strong you will not be welcomed but replaced.

But choose yourself nevertheless, again and again. Coz you have a vagina re. And you are proud of it! In case you haven’t watched this musical anthem then here you go!

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