Crazy things people have done to impress someone

You need to be in love to act crazy

We all crave for that bit of attention, that look of acknowledgment from people we like. Call it an obsession but there are no limits to what we do to impress someone we like. Things might go as planned or things might take a turn for the worse. The best of plans can go haywire and we often find ourselves doing the same old things just a few weeks later for a different person. Crazy, isn’t it?

Here are some of the craziest stories people shared they have done to impress:

Size does matter

“My crush was into girls with big breasts. I am a small person with negligible breasts. When we went to a college outing, I used to stuff my bra with crumpled paper. All the time. During the trip, we went down a waterfall and I forgot that I had paper boobs. They got damp and slipped from underneath my clothes. I had to run to a local shop, buy newspapers and stuff them again in my bra. After a few days, I realised how crazy I was being and that was the end of it. On the plus side, my crush did notice me but I had gotten over him by then.”

Size does matter
When we went to a college outing, I used to stuff my bra with crumpled paper.

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Running around in heels

“I practised running around in heels. There was a departmental fest and I was handling it. I managed to get through the entire day in a traditional dress and 5 inch heels because I had practised well enough. He was very impressed. At the end of the day, after the fest was over, we sat on the stairs and shared a smoke. I went back with a sprain after I tripped while coming down the stairs. He did drop me home and the pain was worth it.”

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Eyeing the professor’s daughter

“Started attending the professor’s class whose daughter I liked a lot. In fact, I started doing really well in his paper. I put in more effort than my Honours paper. Crazy enough, I topped and I had built a nice rapport with my professor. Two weeks later, I started talking to my crush and what do I know! My professor had mentioned me to his family. We seriously dated for about seven months.”

Eyeing the professor's daughter
Started attending the professor’s class whose daughter I liked a lot

Too many questions

“My crush was a Psychology major. He was to present a paper in a seminar. I read up everything on his topic, had my psychology friend help me, attended the seminar, and asked him a lot of questions. Too many questions. I think I embarrassed him a bit. He didn’t know me before but after that he didn’t like me. I regret being oversmart.”

Just for a ride

I slashed the tires of my scooter so that I could get a ride home with him. It worked.”

The roller coaster ride

“So I went out with the girl I really liked. We went to a theme park. While on the roller coaster (I have never rode one before), I realised my phobia for heights which started acting up. But she liked it, so we went for a second time. This ride ended with me throwing up all over her and myself.”

Pretending to be poor

“I pretended to be broke and poor and got dropped off by my car three blocks away from school and walk the rest of the way. I would meet him somewhere between the school and my drop point and walk with him. It continued for a few weeks before I spilled the beans.”

pretending to be poor
Pretending to be poor
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