Crazy thoughts a girl has just after her marriage


Post-wedding conversations in your head are actually normal. You have come to a new family – the scene is totally different from what you have been used to your entire life. If you are a newlywed Indian bride, you are bound to have at least a few of these thoughts right after you get married.

1. “Do I call everyone by names or how my husband addresses them?” – The question that can keep you awake.

2. “What was the second chachi’s name who wore the mustard colour saree in the wedding?” – So many relatives with so many familiar names.

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3. “Can I sleep in till 11 tomorrow?” – Happy Musings!


4. “People just can’t leave me alone for a minute” – No, no it’s quite all right. I can listen to the recipe while I pee, not a big deal!

Aish in Jodha akbar

5. “I will never be a bride again. Now I’m just someone’s wife” – Not funny. My sister actually said this out loud the day after she got married.

6. “Here comes more shagun! Imma gonna be rich!” – Probably the best ones come right after you get married, from the ones who couldn’t attend the wedding.

Aishwarya-Rai in jodha akbar

7. “Is it too early to open the presents?” – It indeed is never too early.

Alia smiling in 2 states

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8. “I want to go see maa. I want to talk to my sister”- Waves of homesickness hit you hard.


9. “Oh God, what did I marry into?” – When relatives gather in the same room and break into loud fits of laughter over something you only pretend to understand.

sad alia in 2 states

10. “What if everyone thinks I am a bitch?” – That’s just the post-wedding jitters talking!

Kangna in tanu weds manu 2

If thoughts go beyond crazy, talk to your husband. But until you are having thoughts of murdering people in their sleep, you will do just fine.

Happy married life, woman.

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