6 cringe worthy sex scenes portrayed in Indian cinema

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Updated On: April 17, 2024

Sex scenes and Indian cinema

Sex scenes in Indian cinema these days are shot to look bold and aesthetic.  This might lead us to think that Indian cinema has come a long way from the cringe-worthy scenes portrayed in their movies. Love scenes two decades back was all about kissing behind sunflowers.  The scene provided more comic relief, if not anything else. But there are other movies with sex scenes that are downright creepy. You will know the feeling if you have ever watched any of these cringe-worthy sex scenes on the screen. When you watch these movies, it feels like the censor board should have done something about a few of these sex scenes.

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1. Naked Glory in Maya Memsaheb

Before SRK made it to the top, he went butt-naked in this movie. You might think “It’s King Khan’s butt. What could go wrong?” What did go wrong is that even though the scene was bold for its time, the whole affair felt disgusting. An intense sexual encounter, with nails clawing on SRK’s back; his naked butt didn’t quite fix the problem with the audience wanting to peel their eyes off.

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2. Phantom love in Hawa

Tabu raped by a ghost. There are so many levels of wrong in the scene. A big, fat no! Tabu is known to be one of the finest artists in Indian cinema but sex with a ghost? Sorry, this is where we draw the line. I still cannot get the image of the bed rocking vigorously out of my head.

3. Rekha and Navin Nischol in Aastha

Before you turn this movie off, much thanks to Om Puri’s vivid, almost-comic expressions as Rekha goes down on him, there another sexual thing making you cringe. Foot fetish anyone? Navin Nischol comes in and sucks on Rekha’s toes. The scene is prolific with its pink hues and Nischol’s pink face. Let that image creep in your head and let not that image give you nightmares.

Rekha and Navin Nischol in Aastha
Rekha and Navin Nischol in Aastha

4. Sushmita Sen and Mithun in Chingari

Slut versus saint was the tagline of the movie. Mithun played the sadistic priest of the village and Sushmita Sen was the prostitute. Naturally, any sex scene between them was meant to be nauseating. But Mithun giving Sushmita’s face a nice lick? That made our senses noxious.

Sushmita Sen and Mithun in Chingari
Sushmita Sen and Mithun in Chingari

5. Manisha Koirala and Karan Nath in Tum

The context of the scene was more disturbing than the scene itself. We have Manisha Koirala, after being force-fed champagne, raped by Karan Nath.

6. Mallika Sherawat and Om Puri in Dirty Politics

Mallika Sherawat and Om Puri in Dirty Politics
Mallika Sherawat and Om Puri in Dirty Politics

Ever since Murder, Mallika Sherawat had become the big name for playing the bold, sexy vixen. In Dirty Politics, we have her using her sexuality to get ahead in politics. The sex scene between Om Puri and Mallika under the tint of green light was something quite not right. The scene invoked feelings of disgust and the way Om Puri’s character was clawing at Mallika’s was sure to be etched in our memory for a long, long time.


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