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Don’t take the title of this post seriously. But yes it has connection with following words.

Crush is for boys and mature relation (in which you take time to like someone after establishing some kind of understanding) for men. This is an absurd theory invented by me. I had graduated from college seven years ago and last crush happened nine years back. Girls I am not that old, so chill!!

This weekend there was a party at my friends place where we were going to have pizza and play uno. The main aim of this party was to forget our tension after hectic work schedule. As usual I reached in party pretty late, and as soon as I entered, my eyes made contact with beautiful eyes and my heart was crushed. I ignored her initially to hide my emotions. We started playing uno and whenever she was looking at her cards, my eyes were on her. I did not know her name and didn’t dare to ask; I waited till any of my friends call her with her name.

That feeling of crush was back, it is not liking, it isn’t first sight love. This feeling is way special, this is crush. While, writing this my heart is still getting crushed. Crush is not for boys, it is for everyone.

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