Daddy and Hubby dearest of the season: Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor like husband

After celebrating baby Misha’s birthday in Europe it was mommy Mira’s turn to cut the cake. Shahid Kapoor recently posted a picture of their just-family birthday celebration on Instagram wishing Mira “Happy Birthday love”. In the backyard of their house with the Kapoors are seen beaming in love and sunshine. Shahid chose to start the day just as Mira would have wanted – a small birthday party at home, with just the three of them and a chocolate cake!

But when it was time to cut the cake, guess who reached it first and took a finger dip?

After playing his role of adorable daddy, it was time to become the charming hubby. There were more surprises for Mira. The day had just begun. So, Shahid took Mira out for a lunch date in a restaurant in Khar, Mumbai. For the love birds, it seems, being together is grand enough. The couple took no trouble to dress consciously and glam-up. While Shahid dressed up in a casual grey T-shirt; Mira chose cool denim jeans paired with a black top.

It was once again a cosy, family affair and a day well spent. But as Shahid had planned, there was more to the night!

Have a look at how the Bollywood stars chose to shine at their dinner celebrations. Dressed in crochet embroidered midnight-blue and black dress, Mira looked elegant; while Shahid complemented with a black T-shirt and grey pants. The happy couple flashed their smiles at the camera.

Have a look how mesmerised Shahid is by his birthday queen.

Shahid Kapoor is undoubtedly the relationship icon for today’s youth, giving us some serious relation goals and parenting tips. Whether it is planning a birthday bash for his baby daughter, or going that extra mile to make wife Mira’s birthday an out-of-the-world experience; Shahid has planted his victory flag.

Since better late, than never, here’s wishing the adorable trio a healthy, happy and prosperous life ahead!

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