What Are The Grave Dangers Of Using Expired Prescription Medications?

Expired Prescription Medications

It is not uncommon for many households to hoard the medications, owing to changed prescriptions or expired timelines.

However, regardless of the reason to collect, it is crucial to safely and adequately dispose of prescription drugs.

Several public authorities and private firms are continuously working on generating awareness about the proper prescription medication disposal methods and the dangers related to improper disposal to the individual, society, and the environment.

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Why You Should Not Consume Expired Medicines

Below are some risks that you must note if you have expired medicines at home and use our advice to dispose such medicines.

1. Consumption of expired medicines is dangerous

It is the primary risk that households possess. If you have unused medicines, you may consume the medication accidentally. Now a few online hoax media believe that expired medication is not a huge deal. However, in the case of prescription medications, the scene is different and can lead to adverse reactions.

Another aspect of the same is that most prescription medications lose their potency rates after the expiry date. This means that they will not fulfill the purpose of consumption by the user. It will not act as strong enough to control the condition the medical professional earlier prescribed for.

For instance, if you take ibuprofen and your headache does not stop, you might take another pill. In such cases, the scenario adversely varies from prescription drugs. If you are given medications for heart disease, the consumption of expired medicines can put your organ system at risk.

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2. Increased risks for consumers

Governing authorities, including the Food and Drug Administration, state that a person should not consume expired medicine as there is a high chance of a change in the medicine’s chemical composition. In addition to that, a few medications are at risk of bacterial growth.

Moreover, sub-potent remedies can fail to treat diseases, causing severe ailments and increased drug resistance probability. Few medicines also can turn toxic as they degrade. In light of this, consumption of expired medications is highly risky, and using proper disposal methods is the need of the hour.

3. Growing concern towards environment

When you have to dispose of unused or expired medicines, it is crucial to dispose of it not to harm anybody. You can put the environment at risk if you do not dispose of the medication properly. Some improper methods that people use to dispose of medications comprise flushing down the toilet, rinsing in the sinks, and throwing it in the garbage cans.

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These ways can lead medicines in the local water system, which can cause a huge problem. Through these ways, the ingredients will end up in surfaces, ground, and drinking water, causing toxicity and severe allergies, and chronic diseases.

The active ingredients in the prescription medicines at low levels even have a high capacity to form abnormalities in humans and animals.
Inappropriate disposal of prescription drugs can result in high risks for the individual and the surroundings. The dangers mentioned above are life-threatening; thus, it is critical not to hoard expired medications and dispose it of in an environmentally-friendly manner.

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