Affair and Cheating

Dark Brew is a film on sin, extramarital affairs and love in modern times: Director Akash Goila

An interview with the director of Dark Brew, a film about sin, extramarital affairs and love in modern times, Akash Goila. Dark Brew is a movie by Warewolf Films Pvts Ltd and stars actor Vinay Pathak. The movie is releasing on 11 - 16 August 2017, in National Capital Ragion (NCR) and Mumbai. Book your tickets now!! Follow the movie on Facebook.
Akash Goila

On the eve of the release of his film, Dark Brew, we spoke to Akash Goila about making the movie, why he chose the subject and how he thinks modern relationships should be tackled.

Dark Brew revolves around a Man’s realization where he visualizes in his dream that his wife has caught him two timing with another female and in the process also learns that she has plotted to kill him in the process. When the man wakes up he realizes he is still alive and starts firmly believing that his wife will actually kill him. Will he survive? Will his consciousness make him a loyal man?

Your movie Dark Brew explores the dark comedy of love, sin and extramarital affairs. Why did you choose this subject?

In today’s times, I feel relationships are the most complicated problem we face daily. I had an urge to help people rediscover perceptions and reconnect with love on a fresh note. That’s why I chose the burning topic of the day, ‘falling in love with more than one person’.

dark brew
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What was your experience directing the movie Dark Brew? Where did you draw the inspiration from for the emotions?

I loved directing this movie. Vinay sir is a champion at emotions and it was very quick for me as he was right on the money. He is a one-take artist. For the emotions we needed, I was inspired from the people around me, the things they talk about.

affair and cheating

What are the qualities you yourself look for in a partner?

I don’t think we can always get the qualities we look for in a partner. There is no ‘perfect partner’. It all goes with the flow.

vinay pathak dark brew

What do we need to learn from the last generation to keep our relationships uncomplicated in the present times?

Adjusting in complicated situations and tolerance.

How is the urban Indian male keeping up with relationships with the liberated woman of the present times? How is he breaking his own mental stereotype and dealing with the conflicts of his mind?

I can’t speak on behalf of other men, whether they believe it to be a major task or not. However, whether urban or old, all men are different and I don’t think all men can be typecast as men who think they need to find techniques to keep up with woman of present times or considered as men who do have mental stereotypes. But for the men who do practice rigid thoughts and actions I can only advice them to be open-minded, flexible, adaptive and considerate towards the other gender.

What’s your message for couples who will be watching this film?

Every relation has its own merit. We can’t always give names to them judge them under so-called guidelines of society.

Watch this intriguing film in theatres, but first, here’s a preview:


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