Darling, I too have a family!

In India, when a girl gets married, everyone including her own parents tell her ‘aaj se saaas Sasur hi Tumhare maa baap hain’..what really ? She is expected to forget her childhood, adoloscence, pains, efforts and love of her parents. Are the strings that weak? Can bet no girl has such a calibre.

Did any one tried to communicate it to the groom also, that from now onwards you also will have two set of parents ….. Or in this male dominated society rules are meant to be followed by the girl only. Boys parents can anytime interfere with the couple’s life but when girls parents try to intervene, they are blamed to spoil beti ka Ghar…..

Boy is always in his comfort zone, it is the girl who has to go through the experimental process. In laws too consider it their birth right to question girl’s education, career, upbringing and what not….

I have seen many ladies who half-heartedly choose a function in sasural over a function in maayka… as it’s just a convenient unwritten clause…. All sacrifices will be taken care by the girl only. But why ….?? Girl parent’s have also taken the same pain and efforts as boys, rather I would say more pain… it takes a lot of courage to send your piece of heart to an alien land. But do the boys aka husbands feel the same? Aging parents need support. … but why husband’s think it’s only their parents who are aging…. girl’s parents also age.. Both mothers have kept their child in womb for the same tenure….. so why boy’s mom can enjoy a happy retirement whereas a girl’s mother is left alone. Even while communicating in-laws are always considered Family But other side Guests…. disgusting . Presently also if a boy is helping his in laws in a way or other…. his own parents start commenting , Tu to sasural waalon ka ho gaya. Or Badal gaya Tu….

If a girl can pamper her in laws..she has equal right to pamper her own parents too. People have to change their attitude towards the entire situation Specially husbands……..


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