Daughter-in-law resents my closeness to my son. What to do?

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Q: My husband had developed feelings towards his ex-colleague. It was through chats and calls; nothing went beyond that. That lady is also married and has a kid. When they realised they were on the wrong path, they decided to restrict it to only friendship. My husband told me this, as he wanted honesty. When he told me this, I was pregnant with our second kid. I couldn’t take it that the lady is still in his life, as his best friend though. Now I’ve had my baby and yet have problems accepting their friendship.

I also tried to end my life, being fed up of all these issues. Please advise me on what to do. My husband has lots of women friends, as he’s amiable. I gave him so much freedom and never expected him to go this way. Ours is a 12-year love marriage. Can I trust him again? What is the guarantee that they will remain as friends in future?

A: I understand that you are going through a hard time with your partner. Giving up on your life is not a solution to the problems you are facing. Before taking any decision regarding your life, you should think ahead of time about your two kids whose future will be at stake once you make any drastic step regarding your experience. Therefore, you should consider all the implications of your decisions, especially in your children’s life. They need your support and care. You need to understand that relationships are fragile and require effective communication between both the partners. You should try to talk to your husband regarding his friendship with his colleague. If you are unable to do so, you can also take professional help by visiting a marital therapist, who might help you solve your problems or arrive at a consensus and thus build trust between you both.

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