Dax and the Doomed Affair

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Dax and I had known each other for a long time. From school days, through college and later as colleagues in the same organisation we have been together. When we joined an outfit after our initial training we shared a room in a PG accommodation quite near our workplace. While I was a stickler for discipline and punctuality Dax was quite the opposite. He had a mind of his own and dictated his own rules. Many a time I would jokingly tell him, “Dax, you are the quintessential maverick!” He would laugh and say,” Yes, perhaps I am one!”

Amongst many of his weird, non conformist abilities was his romanticism. There was nothing weird about it but he had an uncanny ability to attract people of the opposite sex, akin to a fly being attracted to sugary stuff. Dax was the omnipresent Casanova, always at hand to commandeer a lady from right under one’s nose. One day, he returned to the room quite pensive. I asked him if he was all right. He grunted a “yes” and lay down on the bed. On my persistent questioning, he blurted, “She ditched me!”

It was almost a year back that Dax had opened his heart to me. “Buddy, I think I am in love!” I was bit surprised because it was against his nature to be able to love anything or anyone. So far the only person he had been in love with was his own self. “Well, that’s news. Who amongst your many girl friends is the lucky or should I say unlucky one,” I asked, a bit curious. “It’s the Boss’ wife,” he said, guardedly. “Whaaaat?” I exclaimed at his outlandish revelation. “Boy, you are going to be in grief soon. Just forget all this as a bad dream and concentrate elsewhere,” I advised. “How and when did this outlandish stuff happen?” I asked. “Sit down and promise you will not breathe about this to anyone?” he pleadingly asked. I nodded my assurance.

“Well, a few days back, when the Boss had gone out of town, she called up and requested me to take her to the market for buying some essentials. She said that she did not know how to drive the car and would I be the chauffeur. You know me, Buddy. I could not say no.” He stopped his narrative to have some water. I saw that he had a twinkle in his eyes and was very eager to get this “love story” out of his system.

Dax went across to the Boss’ home and the lady, dressed very seductively, ushered him in. “What will you have?” she asked him. Surprised at her attire and the question she posed, he asked “M ‘am, we are to go to the market, it would get very late.” “Which market?” she smiled mischievously. “That was just to get you here. And what is this ‘M ‘am’ stuff? You know my name, don’t you?”

She got Dax a whisky, while she fixed a gin & lime for herself. Keeping the glass of whisky on a peg table next to Dax she turned around and apparently tripped, falling straight in to his arms. Her proximity and the perfume she was wearing made Dax’s head swim. In a flash she had her arms around her neck and kissed him. Throwing caution to the winds, Dax responded in a manner only he could. He kissed her gently first and then just locked his lips with hers. One thing led to another and they ended up in bed. That was the beginning of an affair that lasted for a year.

For some organizational requirements, Dax had to go out of town for almost six months. The Boss’ wife and he remained in touch through telephonic calls. On his return, he got to know that the Boss was not in town and decided to surprise his lady love. He had gone to the house unannounced. On ringing the bell, the door was opened by another colleague from the office. A bit surprised, Dax looked over his shoulder to see a flustered Boss’ wife, straightening her dress. “Hi Dax! What a surprise!” she exclaimed. But it was Dax who was surprised. He could see the writing on the wall. He had been used and dumped the moment he was no longer around to satisfy her needs. He just turned around and headed back to his room.

“Buddy, how could she do this to me?” a forlorn Dax whispered. “I guess you were right. Our affair was just an affair. A doomed affair,” Dax said philosophically. I just nodded my head. I did not think it appropriate say “I told you so” at that point of time. A maverick had learnt a lesson in life that he was not going to forget in a hurry.


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