Dear Husband, Your wife is not perfect!

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Wives are just another human being. Now it’s a surprise for you. We come with a lot of flaws. No one’s perfect in this world. So, we try to do our best. Every day is full of opportunities and challenges but we constantly try to improvise and to set a benchmark for the daughter who shall face the same situation one day.

In our Indian setup, no matter how efficient and intelligent girls are and how hard we try, we are automatically presumed to do the household chores without help and with too high expectations. I was quite responsible since my younger years. Having two younger siblings, I was supposed to always be a nice and good girl so that they learn good things from me. That being said, I was the eldest, so this was an additional responsibility and it still is.

After the big fat wedding, the husband expecting that the wife will cook scrumptious and tasty meals is one thing, and asking to be adaptive is another. Sometimes, we just can’t come out of our own cocoon to pretend that we are a perfect example of a Hindu Bahurani. We just can’t. Who wants to be in the kitchen 24×7, like what women in the neighborhood did? Women always wanted to have an edge and hence we agree to struggle, with life, and with their own selves.

While one got enrolled in a premier college and proved herself, I grabbed the best student awards and became the top-ranked. But, this had nothing to do what I have become now.

And I have given up.

Education and home are two different worlds.

Yes, we have the knowledge and are capable of doing impossible, but our hands are tied by our own loved ones, unintentionally – looking after laundry, cleaning, housework, and cooking, welcoming guests even when we feel sick to the stomach. But who cares?

We are expected to smile and stay active without a sign of tiredness. Dress moderately, and be a good host to everyone. We’re not permitted to have mood swings, even while pregnant or working in a stressful office environment. We’re not allowed to squander any amount of money on oneself and are only expected to save.

If the food is less spicy it’s obviously the wife’s fault; if there is no taste in food, again it’s all her fault. Why do we hear only complaints? It is so disappointing. By fluke, if the food is good, then there is no reward, there must be one right. We at least deserve a word of praise?

We’re not supposed to go out with friends and if we don’t obey then we’re questioned for many days. The full day goes in running errands and within the home itself ladies walk so many kilometers; they seldom relax, calling it their happy hour.

We wish men knew before hand that their wives are not perfect. So, they are the ones who should learn to appreciate and love.


Readers Comments On “Dear Husband, Your wife is not perfect!”

  1. Dipanjana Gupta

    Actually it’s the women in the house whose outlook should change.The Men will automatically follow.Most problems after marriage is posed by the women folk of the house.
    A very well written piece.

  2. Shobha Mahapatra

    You said a phrase that hit hard – our hands are tied by our own loved ones.

    Soemtimes the very weight of being a woman seems heavy.

    A truly heart-touching blog.

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