Struggles and Scars

Dear Indian parents, there is no honour in honour killing

Honour killings happen because women are regarded as property, whose lives must be decided by their family. It is an out-of-date concept that must be stopped
killing with knife

Killed for falling in love with the wrong person

Neenu Chacko had just enrolled for a course in geology and water management at BK College in Kottayam district of Kerala when she met Kevin Joseph, a mechanic by profession, at the bus stop. The meeting led to many phone calls. They became friends and then graduated to being lovers when Kevin professed his love. However, Neenu was not too sure, as deep inside she knew that her family would not be very accepting towards their relationship.

Kevin, a Dalit Christian, had never contemplated that he would have to pay with his life for having dared to love Neenu, an upper caste Christian. Immediately after the duo opted for a registered marriage, Kevin was abducted and killed by the girl’s brother. The killing comes as a shock, as it has not taken place during the Elizabethan era or in a country like Afghanistan or even in a state like Haryana, but in India’s most progressive and educated state, Kerala.

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  1. Seriously!! This is something which is a dingy spot on the beautiful and lavish culture of India. Let love prevail outside the your so called boundaries of religion and caste.

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