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Dear ladies, here’s what men want from you in a relationship!

What are the top 10 things that a woman does that make a man happy in their relationship?
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Men are complicated creatures, as they don’t express their desires (except their sexual lust) so easily. Sometimes they are numb and sometimes they are short of words. Since video games and racing bikes won’t talk on their behalf, we did a survey on a bunch of men asking them about the qualities they seek in women and this is what we came up with:

1. Carefree girls:

The notion is that men like beautiful girls, wearing makeup and pouting their lips in the selfies. But that notion is not true. Men like a woman to be real. Not hiding her natural beauty and confident to come out just the way she is.


2. No fake purse-grabbing:

Now this is actually a thing a guy wants from a girl. She should not be afraid to check the bill and pay the amount on any nights out.

Most of us think that a guy should always pay. But sometimes he wants his girl to take charge of swiping the card.


3. Foodie girl:

Girls are always conscious about what should they eat and which food will make them gain fewer calories. In this mix a guy becomes confused about what to order.

But in reality a guy wants his girl to be foodie enough to wolf an entire plate of kebab, giving a damn to the diet!


4. A girl who buys gift for him:

It is always said that nothing makes a girl happier than a surprise gift from her lover. But it’s true for the guys as well. He also wants to get pampered by his girl.


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5. Making the first move:

Like the proverb ‘Ladies first’, men like girls who take the initiative to make the first move in bed or even in the couch. These small moves made by a girl really turn a guy on.


6. Her interest in Sports:

There is always a remote snatching game going on between couples. But a guy would really like a girl who is interested in ‘The Game’. Be it football, cricket or hockey, there is nothing like having a partner who supports an opponent team and with whom he can have a frank banter.


7. Being his best buddy:

Mostly guys share their problem with other guys. But he would rather prefer his girl to play the role and be the strong shoulder in his need.


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8. Not shy of his guy friends:

Most girls feel uneasy and find it difficult to mix freely with her partner’s guy friends. However, a guy would like his girl to mingle freely with his buddies.


9. Sharing intimate details:

Most men prefer to share their intimate feelings and frustrations in their sacred boy-zones. However, having a girlfriend who understands his ‘guy things’ is awesome.


10. Independent women:

Gone are the days when men liked their women to be dependent entirely on them. Now they like women who are independent – starting from her finances to her home décor, a guy likes a girl who takes all the decisions by herself.


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  1. At the end of the day, men want a relationship where they can feel good about themselves and where they feel like they are with someone who is mature.

    It’s actually a two-way street. Men and women both have a list for a perfect one and it’s completely fine to have that list. But, then I feel you should accept your partner as they are and try to push them for their betterment instead of looking for everything on the list. Isn’t it?

  2. Ditto what women want too:)
    I feel lists are not important. What’s more important is understanding each other and understanding is even more seductive and intimate than love.

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