Affair and Cheating

Dear lover’s wife

You’ve been married to him for 15 years, while I…
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He posted a status celebrating his birthday and tagged you in the post. I just can’t stop myself from looking through your photos. There you both are, smiling together at a friend’s place, pictures of him, of you and your pet rabbit. He said once there was a time when you both used to mate like bunnies. I know so much about your lives…

You’ve been married for 15 years, and I’ve been your husband’s lover for six months. You have travelled to places together, created a home and are raising a son together. I admire your attention to your personal details – your job, your body shapings and beauty enhancements. You are passionate about cleanliness, endlessly exhorting the maid and mother-in-law to keep the washed plates on the right side of the platform and not inside the drawers. How do I know these things?

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  1. If you know he loves her more than you why are you chasing him,,,it can be said he is in profit from both side but you ,my dear mistress,,you are in a wrong direction and the way you are explaining this you are definitely promoting those who are also going like you,,,and in the last you will be left alone and have nothing for your self,, becoz you are destroying your life behind someone who is never going to accept you,,,becoz the man who can cheat his 15 years old wife can’t be your in six month.a nd last thing if you are so proud on your relationship that is not looking like love,,,don’t promote this,, because I don’t know but you will never know what a wife is who is with him for 15 years

  2. Lovely….. fell in love with “But I promise, I’m not going to steal him away from you – because deep in my heart I know that he loves you, he respects you… maybe more than me….”
    This line is so heart-touching “You need not know that he texts me first thing in the morning and converses with me the last thing at night before he sleeps. Those are the miniscule pieces of him that I have and I have learned to live with them…”

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