Dear woman, here’s how you can start loving yourself

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I’m my own BFF

First, love yourself. How often have we heard that? But it’s true! And if you have a perfect relationship with yourself, you will attract perfect relationships with other people as well. Think about it. These small things can make a big difference.

1. Visit the parlour

A trip to the parlour is a necessity. Many of you may just go there for monthly clean-ups, but a facial, spa and hair care are needed more for than just for basic grooming purposes. You need them, because you love yourself. Colour your hair. Go for a side bang. Chop off the length. And when you look into that mirror and a smile just peaks out, it’s because no one on this planet will think you’re more beautiful than you do yourself. It’s a fact. And it’s a necessity for happiness. Tell yourself you’re beautiful.

2. Buy lingerie

Lingerie is not just a necessity. It’s not just for comfort either. It’s sexy. When you buy sexy lingerie with fancy lace and padding and good fabric, it is you who feels sexy. In reality, men barely notice the significance of lingerie.

They don’t notice if it’s aquamarine, they don’t notice if it’s fuchsia or ochre. They don’t notice the lace or satin trimmings either. But we do! And if we do, we feel special. And sexy. That is a major turn-on for the potential partner.


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3. Eat good food

Pizzas with mozzarella cheese, red velvet cheesecake, Belgian chocolate cream cake, jalebi with kesar and rabdi, hot gulab jamuns with ice cream… Yes, I know they are full of calories, but they are also full of feel good. When you eat good food, you indulge your soul and your soul is at peace. When you deny yourself these for a long time, you become irritable and a part of you hates yourself. Treating yourself is necessary!

4. Change your nail polish

This may sound weird, but it’s true. You are constantly looking at your nails and it’s necessary to paint them in fancy colours, because most of the time the only bit of yourself that you can see is your nails. Don’t have chipped nails. Buy a variety of colours and keep on changing them. If you’re wearing brown now, go and wear orange the next time. Then go for pink. Then perhaps something with glitter. Try yellow or black at times. Go wild with nail colour. Your enthusiasm will spark up.

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5. Go out with your girls

Nothing or no one can make you more giggly happy than your girls. And if you’re giggly happy, you have the spark in you. And if you have the spark in you it’s infectious. Pout and take selfies and groupies and share a few cocktails. Dance if you can, wearing those high heels, at a disco. Wear your pajamas and bounce on the bed at home. Tire yourself and sleep like a baby. The morning after, you will beam with killer confidence.

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Readers Comments On “Dear woman, here’s how you can start loving yourself”

  1. This post is so “on point” . What we, as women, (or as humans) must understand that the only place of permanence that can be your home is you. And you must not wait for anyone to give you the love or pampering you deserve. Give it to yourself, woman! ‘Coz you are worth it.

  2. I once read it and somehow this line just fixed on my brain that you cannot love anyone until and unless you love yourself. To make others smile it is you who have to smile the very first. HOW? By reading this. #THUMBS UP

  3. I really liked the topic of the piece and piece is really well-written!

    It’s actually important to tap into your intuition to identify what you are longing for, as well as what nourishes you. Self-love is really important! We often tend to forget ourselves.

    And it’s a fact when you start to love yourself more each day, it’s your life that gets better and better.

    So. ladies follow these pointers and start loving yourself, admire yourself! No one is better than you!

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