Deed—why is it such an important

word in this mod world?

Is it just b’cos you can reverse it

n it still means the same?

Or there is some hidden hint in it?

N why do I detest the word?

Why do I differ from all n others?

Can’t the world live without a deed?

Why can’t I decipher the meaning of it?

Is it a mere legal stamp

Or is it a social pretense…?

Is it to give us a public approval…?

Or is done to gain blessings…?

But then does it give me what I want—

Does it give me life security…?

Or does it give me a mere legal sanction.,,?

Does it give me emotional stability…?

Or does it give me a mere show-off symbol..?

Does it bring my love back to me…?

Or does it assure me n my love union with eternity…?

I wonder what it offers me…

It’s required to approve a baby’s birth.

It’s required even to approve a man’s death.

It’s invincible for property deals

You cannot do without it at marriages——that sacred union

which’s made by God for innumerable births.

Does it mean man’s defiance to God?

Does it mean we’ve lost his faith

that we need bonds to

give us clean chits…

Or is it created by mortals to

engrave the difference

of the World n the Earth…


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