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Deep fried indulgence!


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Life takes you where it intends to take you, not necessarily where you want to go. And you learn to make the best of where you are and what you have. Not philosophy, this is a personal experience, and let me tell you what prompted this sentiment.

Both the husband and I are pure-bred Mumbaikars. Born (in case of the husband) and brought up (in case of the both of us) in Mumbai, we love the city to pieces and today, when we are away, we continue to miss it like anything.

Of course, we have built a life where we are, and continue to make newer memories here. But what do they say? You can take the people out of a city but you cannot take the city out of the people…that is something that we can both vouch for. And not only us, there are quite a few friends and family members, now scattered across the world, who share this sentiment.

So does that mean that we stop at merely being nostalgic about our beloved city? No, we try to recreate its magic wherever we are! And that is what led us to go on a hunt for the revered Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji, our native favourites, in the city we now reside in. And we did find a few decent places that offered them. But nothing, believe me, nothing came close to the taste we are used to.

And so, in the true Mumbai spirit, we decided to take matters in our own hands! We decided to recreate our favourite dishes in our very home – and am proud to say, we finally found that taste we had hunted all around town for!


But the bliss wasn’t merely because we got the dishes right, it was more for the fact that we did this together, the husband and I, the first time. And every time after that.

I am not sure if the happiness we feel when we indulge in the deep-fried Vada Pav and the soaking-in-butter Pav Bhaji is because of nostalgia, or the taste we so crave for, or simply because of the time we share in the kitchen as a team.

But whatever it is, let me tell you, it is pure bliss! You should try it sometime.

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