Deepika Padukone And The Roles That Set Her Apart

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is someone who was supposed to make it in badminton just like her father the famous Prakash Padukone. She plays the game well enough still but she had ventured into modelling and then her first film Om Shanti Om happpened opposite Shah Rukh Khan and the rest was history. Deepika Padukone’s roles proved that she was capable of doing anything, from high emotional drama to subtle acting that only needs the use of her beautiful eyes and humour, yes dollops of humour indeed. With time Deepika’s outstanding performances made her a formidable actress in Bollywood and in this article we will talk about Deepika’s roles we cannot forget.

Deepika Padukone’s Roles In Bollywood

Bollywood has depicted romance in very different ways. From depicting it in a cheesy, all-for love kind of a thing to inter-communal love gone bad. Deepika Padukone has been a part of all shades of romance in her movies. Whether it is a suckfest flick like Happy New Year or something as exquisitely made like Piku, this diva of a lady has portrayed varying shades of love interest in her movies.
As a compilation and a tribute to this bubbly actress, we have compiled a list of roles she has portrayed in her movies that set her apart.

1. Deepika was outstanding in Cocktail

Unarguably, Cocktail was the breakthrough performance for Deepika. She played the role of Veronica, this party chick with killer appeal. In Indian terms, she was quite unsanskaari. Veronica falls in love after sleeping with this one man. The man chooses a sanskaari naari at the end, because well…men. Some may say Veronica is like a wild spirit that cannot be bridled. But in fact, she is a wild spirit that does not want to be bridled. Which is why even after being rejected by the man she likes, she is happy for the pair.

Good things are in store for her. Deepika’s character in this film is really beautiful and Deepika as Veronica is brilliant.

cocktails (Image Source- Mumbai Mirror)

2. Goliyon ki Rasleela – Ram Leela saw a passionate Deepika

In a Romeo and Juliet kind of inspired Bollywood movie, Deepika plays the role of Leela. The story is an adaptation of the age-old Shakespearean romance. Two people from conflicting communities fall in love and choose to meet their end like they lived – together. Deepika is convincing in her portrayal of the woman who chooses to be monogamous and be with the only man played by Ranveer Singh, she loves.

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3. Bachna Ae Haseeno had a subtle performance from Deepika

The independent taxi driver role that Deepika endorses is convincing. This movie follows the path of Raj (Rabir Kapoor) – the womaniser who has left trails of broken hearted women. When Gayatri, so meticulously portrayed by Deepika, rejects his marriage proposal, Raj is sent down a road of guilt and redemption. There is always a woman in the life of a Casanova who sets him right and Gayatri portrays that woman. The end of the movie is fixated on Gayatri realising her love for Raj after she has left him but apart from that Deepika’s portrayal is spot on. We like her as the cabbie who steals Raj’s heart and her performance is subtle, powerful and emotional.

Bachna Ae Haseeno
Bachna Ae Haseeno (Image Source- IMDB)

4. Deepika stood out completely in Piku

Who says a relationship must always be romantic? Deepika is Piku. This movie proves the versatility of her acting and this is undoubtedly one of her best roles. This movie explores the relation between a daughter and her nagging father. Piku’s romance is something we do not see in Indian cinema. Irrfan Khan plays her love interest and the result is gripping. There are no quintessential looks they give each other, just quick stares and long walks. Sometimes loving a person does not mean singing a romantic track with them, it is about a pull towards that person and Piku is all about that.

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5. Tamasha saw her in a different avatar

An Imtiaz Ali masterpiece about the romance in Corsica that follows all the way home. Tara is played by Deepika alongside her real life ex Ranbir Kapoor who plays the role of Ved. Tamasha shows Tara as the woman who falls in love with a man whose name she does not know. The romance is bubbling but when the vacation ends and they go back to their lives, there is something amiss. Tara’s story is vivid – The Ved she met in Corsica is not the Ved she meets back home. Deepika plays the role of a disillusioned Tara who sees that the real Ved is just a shade of grey of the man she likes.

And the way Deepika smiles through her tears hit you where it hurts. Ved is the storyteller trying to find his inner self – a better self than the corporate self he hates and Tara is the right stimulant in his big life story.

6. Bajirao Mastani was high on emotional drama

In this historical drama, Deepika plays the role of Mastani – the fierce warrior princess with whom Peshwa Bajirao falls in love. One cannot talk about Deepika’s dominion in Indian cinema without fully ranting about how flawless she has been in this movie. The romance between Bajirao and Mastani might be looked upon in different light since Bajirao was already married to Kashibai. The beauty of their romance comes second to the fight sequence of the film. The romance is believable – when it’s love, it is love! Deepika excels in this role as the much-in-love powerful princess.

Bajirao Mastani
Bajirao Mastani (Image Source- Indian Express)

Deepika has come a long way since her debut with SRK. She has risen to claim a place of her own in Bollywood and the myriad roles she portrays keeps adding to the awesome talent that she is.  Deepika Paduke’s performances are outstanding there is no denying that.


Readers Comments On “Deepika Padukone And The Roles That Set Her Apart”

  1. I understand that I am responding which many female readers may not like. I do not like about Deepika Padukone the two things:

    1. She being “cool” with her ex boyfriend/lover Ranbir Kapoor, who was caught cheating with Katrina Kaif. She should have taken revenge with Ranbir, because she went into depression partly because of that breakup. Instead, she is still drawn her sword with Katrina. Yes Katrina seduced Ranbir, bug is Ranbir guilt-free? Why is she cool with Ranbir but not with Katrina? Shows her double-standards on ethics – typical Bollywood hypocrisy.

    2. I am aghast with her YouTube video “My Choice”. I that video, Deepika is heard clearly promoting infidelity and supporting having children out of wedlock. This may mean a watershed if feminism but to many she came across as a immoral and characterless woman. Of course she never mentions anything glorious about that short video. Again, she may not believe in those values and may have done it just for money. But she appears close to her Cocktail character, a totally loose character woman. This video is hardly talked about, but I can bet that it will be apppalling to many in the liberal Western culture. No self respecting man would allow his wife/girlfriend to whatever she wants including having sex outside marriage. I
    am wondering if her rumoured boyfriend/fiancé Ranveer Singh is cool to that idea – Deepika sleeping around with many men (including her ex Ranbir Kapoor) after their much-talked marriage. Maybe she is a new age feminist after Gloria Steinem, but it’s scary to have any relationship with women who value the type of freedoms Deepika Padukone is seen and heard lending her voice in that video. Again, shall we call that Bollywood hypocrisy?

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