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Definite signs that your man is in love with you

With guys, actions speak louder than words when it comes to showing that they’ve fallen in love.
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Violins play in the background

Violins start playing in the background, a cool breeze blows autumn leaves up in his direction. He starts to hear Lata Mangeshkar sing an alap as you walk to him in slow motion. This is how Bollywood films *cough* SRK *Cough* have depicted men falling in love.

This looks gorgeous on the screen of course, yet we all know this is far from reality. If falling in love felt like violins playing, we would see a lot more violin players in the world. Business would be booming!

Unreal fantasies apart, how exactly can you figure out when a guy is falling in love? Is there a neon sign that lights up? Is it written all over his face? Or do you never really find out? Here are some clues.

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He says it out loud

This may seem obvious and too direct a sign but sometimes, if a guy loves you, he’ll straight up tell you that he does. There will be no beating around the bush and no hiding the emotions. He’ll be emotionally honest and vulnerable and tell you that he loves you. This is the best kind of confession because there’s no guesswork for you to do in this process. However, this doesn’t mean that all guys will confess their feelings, and a confession isn’t the only sign of a guy’s love. It is just the clearest sign of them all.

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You become the first call

When a guy starts to fall in love with you, you jump up on the priority list of people and become the first call for him. Whenever something good or bad happens, you’re the person he thinks of informing before anyone else. This isn’t a hard and fast rule though; he may call his parents first once in a while. But what this does mean is that you suddenly a person he wants to share details about his life with and that too with more immediacy than before.

He wants you to meet his parents and family

This can be a scary prospect for most people. Our parents know us better than ourselves sometimes, and no matter what Freud says, in most cases they want what’s best for us. They are also important parts of our lives, that can’t be replaced and don’t go away due to distance. Taking this into account, the guy introducing you to his parents is a big deal. He wouldn’t usually do so without good reason. This reason could be the fact that he loves you. Meeting the parents also acts as a test of approval and coordination for both parties. If you and his parents get along and you both approve of each other, it will be easier for him to imagine a conflict-free future with you.

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He talks about your life together

A guy in love is a person who stays in two time zones. While he’ll savour every moment with you, he will also be imagining every day of the rest of his life with you. It doesn’t have to be great moments either. He will, of course, imagine the milestones, but in his mind the mundane day-to-day life with you seems more beautiful. How do you know that he’s thinking about all of this? Because he keeps talking about it of course. He either mentions his dreams, talks about plans or just makes statements about your future as an assumed truth. He’ll say, when we get married, or when we have our own house, things that slip into conversations smoothly but are indicators of the fact that he’s imagining his future with you.

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He shares and asks for your opinion

Due to the predominant gender roles, men are raised to value self-reliance to a fault. They live like islands, not wanting any help, not sharing their emotions. While this predominance is breaking and we see more and more woke men around us, we also see the traditional men opening up more and more and even asking for advice and opinion from their partner when they’re in love. The other person suddenly becomes a place of trust for them. The walls of their inner sanctum extend to include this new person whom they can share their emotions with and ask advice from without feeling too vulnerable. They also actually value the opinions of the people they love. If they do these things, you know they might have started falling in love with you.

Sometimes you just know.

Whether they say it out loud or show you that they trust you and that you’re important to them. Remember that many times, you will know in your gut when the stars align. The best thing to do is to throw caution to the wind and have a real conversation about this with your man. You might just verbalise his feelings on his behalf.

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