Deliciously sexual dreams women have had


Dreams are the result of the subconscious speaking to you and keeping you entertained through the long 8-hour rest that you take at nights. That is how it is by design.

Some people claim they don’t dream at all or perhaps they don’t remember? Others do dream exquisitely detailed dreams, with colour, smells, and texture. Many have lucid dreams in which they have control to lead the direction of the vision like a director of the movie.

These are the dreamers I have spoken to, and they are so severe about this nighttime activity that they keep a dream journal, take dream-enhancing drugs and practice specific methods to induce such dreams. Some are scary, and others are precognitive, that foretell the future; the best are the sexual ones. These are some of the lucid and deliciously sexual dreams I have heard of.

Inspired by the movie

My friend Rose had this dream, and she woke up smiling, it was about meeting Richard Gere of the Pretty Woman movie. He was nude, and so was she, and he was wooing her in a forest with pretty flowers and towering trees, and they were kissing and making out when a large bird screeched above them. She awoke and discovered that it was her son who had come to a screeching halt in his car outside. She says she wants a repeat of this dream as soon as possible.

Pretty Woman Richard Julia
Pretty Woman Richard Julia

With the ex-boyfriend

Sangita called me to tell me about a dream she had in which her ex-boyfriend was making the moves on her in a party. He was being very sneaky and whispering stuff to her, and she looked furtively to see if others were watching them. She remembers a heady rush she was feeling to meet this man after so many years. All the emotions of a secret affair, the danger, the lust were so evident and felt so real to her.

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An overwhelming dream

Sonia called at 7 am only to cry on the phone. I was concerned and asked what was going on. She said that she woke up in a dream where the man was not visible, but she had experienced the most divine blowjob. She could feel the strength, the luscious and the soft firm glans penis under her tongue. She was widowed recently, and she kept saying, “This is not fair, being teased in my dream”. Well, nearly two years later she met and discovered the love of her life and swears it’s the guy from her dreams.

Sexy lady touching man
Intimate affair

The most exquisite lovemaking

Many a time, I have woken up to an intense orgasm, very like the wet dreams young men experience. The idea unravels the most exquisite lovemaking with some stranger but always has been intent on giving pleasure, energetic but gentle and ever so passionate. It is important to note that these deliciously sexual dreams make you feel on top of the world, empowered to be complete and confident in your sexuality.

Making love with two men

The best one I heard was Rita’s dream, in which she was furiously made love to by two men, and she was pushing them away while screaming in delight, only to wake up to her two labs who were licking her face, to wake her up, just to be fed their breakfast. Oh, it was such a laugh!


Being thrown out of the dream

I have a friend, who is a consummate lucid dreamer, and in his dreams, hot women surround him, but the moment he even thinks of touching them, he is thrown out of the dream. His powerful critical subconscious keeps him on the straight and narrow path. Shamans say that it is necessary to stay celibate to have a lucid dream.

The non-lucid type of dreamer is triggered by occurrences in daily life and can also experience extreme sexual dreams. These can help in de-stressing the mind and bring a humorous pause in your otherwise busy and fast-paced life. You can laugh about it and savour the moods and feelings of these dreams in your mind’s eye at leisure. Or get serious and keep a journal of dreams.

Whether you see this as frivolous or as a dangerous pastime, they are an excellent outlet for suppressed libido and sometimes an indication of how you may sex-up your love life. Dreams are your brains’ way of saying – hey look at this, have fun, relax, enjoy. And it’s mostly harmless!

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Readers Comments On “Deliciously sexual dreams women have had”

  1. saloni maheshwari

    You know these sex dreams do have meaning. Let me share few:

    Sex dream about a celebrity means you are obsessed with this famous person. Another explanation can be that you have a particularly strong drive to be successful!

    Dreaming about vaginas represents your femininity and sexual needs.

    If you have sex dream about your ex, it’s a gentle reminder from your subconscious that this excitement is something you need to bring back into your relationship.

    Interesting, right?

        1. Vinay Kataria

          What else was there in book? In my experience and what I have learnt over last few years, when you explicitly dream about vagina, it could also be because of sexual scare. Do you agree??

          1. Yes, definitely! This could also be one of the reasons for sure.

            And what I mentioned was just an another explanation or few reasons among many other ones. So, yes, there are many reasons related to sexual dreams…

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