Affair and Cheating

Despite being 12 years younger and unemployed, he wanted to marry me

Boredom in her marriage led her to have an affair with a younger man, until suddenly he proposed marriage
Toys Proposing

As told to Dr Sanjeev Trivedi

(Names changed to protect identities)

We got married 14 years ago, and have a 7-year-old son. Apart from our respective jobs, I supervise a small business with a handful of staff. Everything seemed in place and reasonably rewarding but for the usual monotony that every couple in marriage feels, once in a while. Jay is in a job that is demanding and as a result he’s becoming mechanical. When romance vanishes from marriage, emotions do not take time to dry up. I used to feel the pinch, but thinking that not complaining would take the marriage towards maturity, chose to keep quiet.

The business doesn’t demand much of my attention and with delegation and Saturday reviews, I am managing it well. Life is challenging and exciting at the workplace and with the outgoing attitude, taking additional responsibilities comes naturally to me. Yash, 12 years younger, recently joined the company. Despite his bright academic record and flamboyant personality, he was struggling to meet his targets and deadlines and therefore helping him seemed normal. He valued my suggestions.

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