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Dil dhoondta hai phir vahi…

Happy couple in field

Dil dhoondhta hai phir vahi…phursat ke raat din…

‘Let’s go out honey for a long drive. See, the weather recommends the same!’ Somya babyishly cuddled round her hubby and said.

Rohan just smiled.

No office today; Pleeeezzz??’

‘Grow up baby!’ he squeezed her shapely nose and went on tying the knot of his blue tie.

‘There’s no fun in growing up if this merely means…and more work.’

She ruffled his nicely done hair and laughed.

‘Let me …’ he undid her knot of hair and pecked from her lips.

‘Hmmmm….I’m not going to be pleased that way. I wanna wanna be on high way and then…halt somewhere near a road side dhaba…sip tea in the earthen pot in drizzle…;me smiling and… you brushing aside the rain drops from my hair.’ she went on elaborating the type of special long drive she craved for.

‘God! What to do with this crazy wife of mine!!??!!’

Rohan brought her back to the real world where work was very important; more important than the ‘dhaba chai’ and getting drenched in rain.’

‘Let me go now.We’ll go out on Sunday; fine?’ He patted her sympathetically.

He knew she was right.

Things were pretty different before they married.

She would telephone him from whenever she would be whenever it rained and the meeting would be fixed without the least grudges on either side. They would go out on bike clinging to each other.

Somya was childish thinking this will go on forever.

Somya could see he was lost.

‘If you could come to meet me whenever i called…was work not there in your life then?’

She asked the same!!

It was always like that.

They understood each other very well.

That’s what to be in love meant;right?

‘I couldn’t afford to lose you then.’ he poked his fingers slightly in the dimples of her cheeks.

‘Can you…Now…?’ her eyes twinkled mischievously.

‘Shut up!!’ he said with pretended annoyance.

‘What if I…?’

‘I said…shut up!’ he flung his tie on the bed and let go his grip on the brief case.

‘I said I’ll not be beguiled this way.’ she warned before he dragged her to the bed.

After an hour they were on the long drive…Sipping chai at a dhaba.

Happy love birds.

The number that played was…’Dil Dhhondhta hai phir vahi…’

Their faces were lit with a queer joy.

Maya Khandelwal

Author of A Beautiful Mistake, Just Zindagi and Fireflies

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