26-year old virgin or just asexual?

Is it normal for a guy of 26 years to choose to remain a virgin until he’s married? Or is he simply asexual?

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Niharika Nandi
June 7, 2017


  1. For a guy who is from a decent background or has been focused on studies or work, it is quite normal to remain a virgin until he is married.

  2. It’s surely a matter of choice. Nowadays, it’s rare to find such guys but if someone is very much concerned of their virginity that too being a guy, then surely it’s appreciable.

  3. Depends. If he’s still interested in sex, it’s okay but if nothing turns him on, there might a problem.

  4. I think there is a def problem here. But I had a friend who wanted to save himself for his woman. So I guess it is about beliefs.

  5. It is purely preferences or the way of leading one’s life. It certainly does not make him asexual.

  6. Why should it be a problem? Its clearly a matter of personal choice…

  7. That depends on why he chooses to be a virgin. Does he get aroused? Or is he not interested in sex at all. There could be many reasons apart from asexuality for a guy to not have premarital sex.

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