5 Tips for healthy relationship. Please!

5 Tips for healthy  relationship. Please!

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Surabhi Pandey
June 7, 2017


  1. 1. Process your emotions after sometime. Allow time before making sweeping statements about relationships. *p**p*2. I think when people say 'do not have expectations', it is crap. We will have 'expectations' from our closest relations. I think what we need to do is perhaps speel then out where we see a resentment growing because it has not been met and discuss that in an open environment. Open as in, we keep an open mind about what the other is sayin. *p**p*3. Have fun so that you do not grudge your partner his fun. *p**p*4. Take life a little lightly. We do not have control. Period! *p**p*5. Take your partner a little lightly too :)*p**p*Have copy pasted my fav book on it! *p**p* *p*

  2. 1. Individual space- Extremely important. One should get their 'me' time and continue with the things they love and friends they hang out with.*p**p*2. Love- I don't think without love there is anything left in a relationship. It is love that nurtures a relationship and provides food for the soul.*p**p*3. Communication- One should be able to speak their minds out without the fear of being judged. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship.*p**p*4. Gestures- small gestures or surprises add a lot of spark and bring back some good old memories. Also, it keeps the charm of being with that person alive.*p**p*5. Respect- Respect for opinions and values, respect for one's choices and decisions is something that will make the relationship a lasting one.*p**p*Cheers*p*

  3. Honesty, transparent communication, passionate about each other, respecting each other's space and mutual respect in all aspects. I think a perfect concoction of all these things will surely help a relationship grow.*p*

  4. Communication – loads of it*p**p*Trust – You cannot survive unless you completely trust your partner*p**p*Love – You are in a relationship because of this. Don't have to do much about it. But you need to nurture this feeling from time to tine*p**p*Respect – This is something very important and we tend to confuse this with trust and love. *p**p*Sharing of responsibilities – From household chores, to caring for kids and parents , or cooking and cleaning, you have to be a part of everything which makes your home *p*

  5. 1. Open and honest communication – ability to talk daily about a variety of topics. *p**p*2. Trust each other under all circumstances- There should be no temptation to lie or hide things from each other. *p**p*3. Give Space and respect each other's individuality – accept the fact that not everything needs to be done together. Divide your day between individual and together time. *p**p*4. Keep the romance alive – Date nights are important even after many years. Pick a good restaurant or catch a movie together to keep the spark  alive.*p**p*5. Once you have kids don't forget to spend time with spouse for he/she is the reason you became a parent. *p*

  6. 1. Respect: I feel respect for each other's thoughts and personality is the prerequisite for a health relationship. You can respect someone without loving them, but love cannot nurture without mutual respect! *p**p*2. Being friends before lovers: Enjoying each other's company as friends, having open communication, being able to talk about things that matter and the ones that don't! *p**p*3. Spending quality time with each other: Travelling together, enjoying a cup of tea without television and mobile phones, exercising together…*p**p*4. …But giving the required space: Having individual interests and hobbies is extremely essential. Every relationship demands some space.*p**p*5. Appreciation: Telling each other often about the things they appreciate. Expressing gratitude for gestures big and small can go a long way in keeping the relationship healthy and happy. *p*

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