A new brick everyday builds a strong foundation or a wall?

Communication is key to any relationship. Too much of one-sided communication also brings disagreement. So, how much communication is good? Does it build a strong foundation or sometimes add to building a wall in a relationship?

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September 12, 2017


  1. Communication need not always be verbal. In fact verbal communication has severe limitations because time constraints and conflicting priorities. What the couple has to learn is the meta-verbal communication. What one conveys with e body language is more important than what is being spoken. Even silence can be a powerful communication. A smile, a good glance, a gentle touch, caressing or a meaningful hug can be much more important than the spoken words. Most couples know this but wait for everything else to improve before they start the kind of communication, I am talking about. Whereas according to me non-verbal communication is a great problem-solver. Most individuals fall short in this refined art-form of communication.

  2. Well, I feel communication is always a two-way process. Yes, even our silence is worthy and it talks. for any relationship, communication is one of the key which is very important for everyone.