Admitting about my ex to my fiance.

I had a girl friend when in college but we broke up. Now, 7 years later, I am getting married to a girl chosen by my mother. Should I tell my fiancee about my ex-girlfriend? My friends ask me not to tell but I want to begin our marriage truthfully.

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June 7, 2017


  1. If you think your past relationship will effect your present outlook then you should definitely tell her for there is no point in keeping her in the dark, plus everyone has a past probably she’ll have one too, if she doesn’t understand your point of you then probably it’ll be trouble for you in the long run.

  2. It really shouldn’t matter, as long as you are loyal to her and do not have any romantic associations with your ex.

  3. You should. It’ll be a good start to your marriage as you’re trying to come clean about your past. May be she’ll take it as a nice gesture and wil open up about her past too.

  4. Does it matter to you or the girl you’re marrying? Therein lies the answer. What we say or believe does not matter. Because we won’t be living with either of you.

  5. It’s great that you want to begin your marriage on an honest note. However, some truths are best left unsaid. If you don’t know your fiancee too well, its a better option not to discuss or tell her about your ex-girlfriend. At every point in your life, that will always run in her mind and she will think that she is being compared to her on every little detail. Concentrate on your new relationship and focus on all her positives and try to build a close friendship with her. Wishing you an amazing partnership and even more fun times together.

  6. The two of you should decide that mutually. Do you care to know about her past? Then she should know of yours. Conversely, both of you can start on a clean slate, as what happened before your marriage should not affect your relationship now.

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