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My Crush
One more day(300th day) has gone, am still figuring out why she doesn’t have the same THING for me which I have for her .
So here we go. She is in my class Only; she is gorgeous in every way! The first time I saw her, my mind said to me “BRO! SHE IS WAY OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE’! She is better than me in each and every sense… in studies, fashion, popularity; she is good at everything.
I never approach her, in fact I’ve never even, thought of approaching her. I was happy with the smiles she gave me once in while in the parking lot or the stairway. It was good. A year later, a friend liked her pic on social network… That day I came to know her full name. Then social media did its job.
Of course I started the conversation with her and it was so RANDOM (late evening I was sitting and scrolling Instagram… I was about to sleep when my mind tempted me to open her insta profile . But I ended up sending her own post to her as direct message!!! I was so tensed and fucked in my head! What had I done! But she was not angry and from ther on we started sharing posts on Instagram and began to get to know each other.
Its was movie ohhh yess, and dinner (TALKS TALKS TALKS TALKS )
After that, a normal coffee meet and long walks and many more coffee meets. I like her and she knews that but I am trying it think what she thinks of me.
WE were so close that we didn’t need to discuss what place and time; we knew where to meet and at when. Just the day has to be decided . One day I asked to hold her hand and she agreed and she agreed (WOW)… On my birthday she brought me a kiddy Mickey Mouse cake. I didn’t like the taste of cake , but I know it must have been expensive.
i dont like or it piss me off When she ignores me or keeps me waiting or take me for granted, I do tell her that I don’t think we should meet now. But she started to cry.(i think she have something for me ,she is never honest with me )
I told her that I like her but she gave no reaction: bad or good . I don’t know whats happening. She knows that she is MY MAJOR CRUSH. I know that I’m the best version of myself when I m with her. She also like to hangout with me .
but i m just a guy who is asking her for the same respect and attention that I give her. I try to make her feel special all the time but she only made me feel special once, that day on my birthday when she got me a cake…  I hope that she will make me feel special once !! sometimes i feel i m loosing interest in her. We talk about we would be GF/BF thing , but we foud we would be so wierd and unsuitable for that TAG. she has a bad past and she dont wannt all that again which i agree with her but i dont knw were m i stand here then ? Should i gave up oh her ? or not to gave up on her ? Am I doing the right thing? Should I continue doing what I do ? Should I move on?

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August 15, 2017


  1. thankyou for making my mind towards moving on because sometime i also feel this is not going any were . it just that i m feel so good with her and i dont want her to let go like….

  2. Seems it is just an intense crush. You may move on soon. But till then, ask her what she feels about you. You do not have much to lose even if she says she feels nothing, as this is not going anywhere anyhow. It is best to take it from there. You have your entire life ahead of you. Don’t ruin it over a girl who does not reciprocate.

  3. If things aren’t working out then clearly you should move on. Why not to invest that love in someone who can invest in you too? What if she considers you only as a good friend?the answers lie with her. You need to state your feelings clearly and request her to not keep her emotions ambiguous.

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