Affair and cheating

Why can’t a boy and a girl be just friends? If by mistake they are chatting at night why is it supposed that they are into some fishy relationship? Why don’t people understand such friendship?

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Rachana Chakraborty
August 14, 2017


  1. This is the problem all over ..I just don’t believe that why can’t a boy and a girl just talk on for hours together just discussing they really need to be in love for that ?Its all the creations of the mind .As for me I am mother I never feel bad when I see my daughter talks with a boy for long hours ….

  2. They can be friends. But a friend of mine once made an interesting observation. He said that a single man and single woman will only remain friends if they find something unappealing about the other person. Otherwise, romance is about to kick in. Even if it is one sided or short lived, and they remain friends. Something to mull over I think.

  3. I am afraid this is the result of some worn-out rusty mentality. After a certain age people believe that all a boy and a girl can be are lovers. Sometimes, the criticism falls more on the girl. I think we need to speak more about it and confront such people directly.

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