Affair and cheating

Why is it always said that if we converse with the opposite sex for a couple of days just as friends we are assumed to have an affair with that person.And if in any case we just have some light talks it gradually breaks the nuptial bond .Why there is always confusion between affair and friendship???

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Rachana Chakraborty
July 30, 2017


  1. Malini, I too believe that what makes a lot of difference for us is our views about our loved ones . The views of the other people in the world can never create any difference.But if our loved ones only start speculating things then what to do…..?

  2. Why do we assume, that there is always someone assuming that there is an affair? Its also lets assume, you have come across someone assuming a friendship going the affair route.. I don’t think I would bother to explain myself to anyone expect for the people who matter, which is my partner/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend etc. The rest of the world will speculate anyway, even if you do have an affair, even if you do not have an affair, there is bound to be some sort of speculation. So I couldn’t care less about what the world thinks or says. But its also a vallid question in the sense, men shy away from good frienships only because there is a attraction angle which invariably happens, and then things get complicated. Some very good friendships are sacrificed in longing, only because the world will misunderstand??
    Its a little sad and also the way we are wired. Hope it changes soon..

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