Affairs during separation

Is it morally okay to have extramarital affairs during separation, when there is no hope for reconciliation? Separation and divorce take a long time. When is it okay to start dating again?

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June 7, 2017


  1. I dont think that there is a specific time when you should start dating again. If the situation is really  bad and separation is the only option, i guess there is no harm in moving on with your life. The only thing i feel is important is that you should be honest about this to your partner till the time you are seperated. It is a possibility that they are having a different mindset and still have hopes of reconciliation. *p*

  2. It all depends on the circumstances. Sometimes couples may feel so disillusioned that they may start dating right after separation. It all depends on the situation and the mindset. There is no specific time. If a couple is really convinced that they will separate permanently, eventually they will. So I don't think there is any problem with dating if the couples are convinced that they will eventually break up.*p*

  3. It would depend on whether the relationship is just to tide over the separation (of course, without the intention, but an unconscious reaction) or there is a true bonding. When one is out of a bad relationship/ marriage, a little ray of hope also looks like the bright sun and may be misleading. There are chances of repeating the mistake so one has to be prudent in taking the decision.*p*

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