After a traumatic divorce my daughter had to undergo,along with a young child, I could not forgive my husband in the sense that, before my daughter’s marriage, I had forewarned about not going ahead with would be (now ex) son in law proved to be a psychotic, as I had predicted earlier.

I blame my husband for wasting  precious 10 years of my daughter's life and ruining all of our peace and well-being .Why did he not listen to my plea?Our relationship ,  due to this major reason, and several  other reasons, headed towards separation- a decision taken by me.Although we stay under one roof.Though, my daughter is happily married now, at one time, we were on the brink of loosing her due to the horrendous experience she had to undergo.To readers, I plead, not to be judgemental while commenting here.

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June 7, 2017