After effects of long distance

My husband and I have been living in two different cities for over three years. We had adjusted our lives to a long distance marriage and it actually worked because when we did meet, it was amazing. Now he has moved to the city I am in and already in the first month I am feeling a lack of space. There have been arguments over small issues and I know he is also feeling suffocated. How do we get back to being a normal couple? I was so excited for us to be living in the same city but it is turning out to be harder than imagined.

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Sherry D'Souza
July 20, 2017


  1. Thank you for the suggestions. Definitely will try them. Hopefully we can sort out the issue and enjoy being together

  2. Welcome to married life, I’d say. I am not married yet but have seen both happy and unhappy marriages around me. I would say your problem is mostly related to space issues. And I know a couple that actually has their own bedrooms in their house. Why not try that? You and your husband each gets their own room, your space and zone. Not to say you sleep on separate beds, but somewhere to work/unwind in without constantly being around the other. Maybe that’ll help with the transition.

  3. Discuss and divide. Discuss what each expects from the other – time and space wise. And divide your work/chores etc so each knows what is expected from them. Beyond that give it some time for both of you to adjust. And keep communication open

  4. Difficult situation I guess. You never lived as a couple. So you ever got used to the very basic adjustments. Give yourself some time. Please sit down and talk. As both of you are suffering. Do things together in the house. Like cook a meal. Or clean the house. Decorate a corner or a part of the wall. You will gradually get used to staying together.

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