After retirement and widowhood arrive in one’s life almost together, is it alright to seek a companion to do away with the loneliness which is the biggest threat in that age?

After retirement and widowhood arrive in one's life almost together, is it alright to seek a companion to do away with the loneliness which is the biggest threat in that age?  Is there any 'prescribed' age limit for making new relationships? How does their nature differ across age groups?

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Nidhi Sodha
July 13, 2017


  1. I'll add my yes to what the others have so rightly said – that there is no age bar for our need for a companion and hence should not limit us in finding one. I believe we are slowly coming out of such rigidities and are finding people whom we would be happy with and we should be happy for couples who find that happiness.*p**p*As for nature, their relationships can go through the adjustment required due to the natural differences that exist between two people, and they too will need to work on their relationship. If they have planned their finances well, it should bring considerably less stress.*p**p*Although the stresses of youth – like bringing up children and planning for their future – may not be present, the offspring can at times bring them under pressure with their disapproval because they are unable to see their mother or father with a different companion or for money issues.  *p**p* *p*

  2. I remember my post graduation professor once telling us in class, "Do you know students that it is loneliness, that can push us to madness? So, never be alone. Always find someone to talk to." It is true, the fear of being alone cripples all of us, whether young or old. Therefore, it would only be natural to seek a companion. Age is the last thing you should be worrying about 'cause there's no stopping it anyway right?*p**p*But you know, you can always have other companions – both animate and inanimate- beginning with your own self. Retirement and widowhood is a terrible phase, but you can always smile it out on your own, if you find to engage yourself in some activity you enjoy the most. It can be writing, adopting pets or simply clicking and posting pictures. My point is, it always helps to be one's own companion and then search elsewhere. *p**p*But, if you are lucky to find one, then hold on to him/her not caring what the world says and have some good laughs and memories just like the couple below. *p**p**p**p* *p*

  3. People have had love marriages after retirement. People have waited decades to get married to their beloved. I would be happy if a widow or widower take interest in finding their mate respectively for old age. If they have the energy why not, to go through the rigours of match making. If love happens double blessing. Only hope that such late marriages stay. If the interest is being looked after in old age then hope the marriage doesn't fall apart. Would be so shocking. A person needs to have good family support, loyal caretakers in old age if he or she doesn't want to get married. Love could be a more mature adjustment and certainly there's no age for tying the knot.*p*

  4. This would be a personal choice. Though I have personally known many such individuals who have still not looked for a companion and are living alone. Each one has the right to be happy and look for company, if they wish to do so. Love and friendship is not governed by age, so age cannot restrain a person. The maturity of people at such an age would help in building a friendship where understanding between the partners could be easy. *p*

  5.  I think it is crucial to find someone to share your last years with. Some people are lucky that their life long partner is by their side. Others may need to make new friends. And can also find someone special. Of course love at an older age is different than that in our 20s, because many experiences of life are over. You are not planning on raising a afamily with that person etc. But it can be special in its own way. A friendship and a bond that will confort you as the sun sets.*p*

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