After you’re cheated upon, can you ever learn you trust again?

I feel trust once broken can never be the same. But I am also looking for reasons to see hope. 

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Urvi Dhanak
June 7, 2017


  1. Can trust once broken ever be the same? Much depends on the depth of love between the two persons who originally loves each other. A confession should strengthen the bond of love and trust. Time heals with forgiveness although the scar may remain. There is also a possibility that the cheating person can't be trusted by his/her partner anymore.It may even take a Goliath effort on the cheating person to regain the other person's trust once again.*p*

  2. nothing is life is such that can't be healed. an accident victim heals, the feeling of loss of a loved one is healed, a disease can be healed and even being cheated on can be healed. it is our will, our inner strength and our determination  that shall determine how long or how little time it takes for us to move on and live life in its true sense once again.*p*

  3. I have a friend whose husband had a one night stand. He confessed his infidelity to her. She has decided to give the marriage another shot. Though she does make life a little difficult by flirting around and guilt tripping him. But it is done in jest. She says she appreciates the fact that he confessed and maybe if she had caught him or found out some other way things would be different. The fact that he told her makes her still trust him. So I guess it is possible, though it is highly subjective. *p*

  4. Good point Mira. Fresh from an emotional scar, it is very difficult to recover lost ground and renew faith in relationships. You tend to lose hope and become suspicious and rigid. But if the relationship is a solid one, based on mutual understanding and respect, and if too much is at stake to break up, then it's worth trying to save it. However, lines should be clearly drawn on matters of trust and fidelity so that cheating doesn't become a habit. Clearly communicate what you will tolerate and what you won't.*p*

  5. Trust the same person? Maybe not. But trust a different person? Why not? *p**p*You should not judge others on the basis one person who intentionally/unintentionally ruined your life and played with your trust. Being cheated upon is the worse feeling ever. No matter how old are you, how much in love are you, how much your partner cares about you, but being cheated is something which you can't stand ever. But, again, there must be someone who won't play with your trust ever. And, you need to show some confidence in that person. *p**p*Take your time, carry on with your life and eventually you'll learn again to gain people's trust and in return trust them back. *p*

  6. The deepest wounds heal faster than the emotional ones.*p*

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