Age-appropriateness, how many people go by age- goals, and self-imposed, deadlines?

So, by 25 I should be in a relationship, a serious one that too; by 30 i should be married and probably a child or two; by 35 I should be well settled with a flat to live in and one more for investment, and by 40 my children should be all grown up and ready to fly. How many live like this? How many live this life of self-implied deadlines, if not by this age, then i will never do this? 

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Malini Misra
July 13, 2017


  1. How one wishes that life could follow the self-laid deadlines! But the profile dictated by the Good Lord Above, follows a much different path with a lot of googlies thrown in. A good upbringing, a good education lays the foundation for one to face the challenges of the world. While it is good to have dreams and goals one must be pragmatic enough to take the failures in one's stride.Even King Bruce realised that life is not one big party! Very few people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths like the proverbial Tatas, Ambanis, Birlas and a few more.*p**p*One needs to be aware of the various opportunities and take them as they come. Sometimes the Jackpot ticket comes early while most of the times a little late. Work towards your goals but don't be impatient. You will reap the rewards sooner or later…sometimes later is better because you are mature enough to enjoy the fruits.*p**p* *p*

  2. I think its important to set goals and plans in life but we should not make it feel like if you dont reach one of your goals at that time then you failed..*p*

  3. Really depends on how many choose to live that life. And while we may thing we have a foolproof blurprint, life can go in any direction. It can be suddenopportunities opening, which lead to a complete change of plans.Or it can be a tragedy, which may halt life for a few years. I'd say while it is important to have goals, we shoud not be inflexible about them and unwilling to go with the flow when needed.*p*

  4. Nowadays young men and women don't like being told what to do and when.*p**p*If your parents start pressuring you to get married by 25 give them some examples of celebrities like aishwarya rai and madhuri dixit who married in their mid thirties and have perfectly lovely  families thank you very much! *p**p*Give them a few advantages of late marriage *p**p*Your career will be more stable and you will be mentally tougher and more skilled at handling people. *p**p*With advanced medical technology i see a lot of women in their late thirties having kids. *p**p*Your financial life will also be better if you are in a higher position in your career. *p*

  5. Ayushi, thanks, i am not a Millenial and not going as far as Murakami, speaking from experience, and not general knowledge, I am enquiring if ordinary everyday, people still live by deadlines. Becaue everywhere you turn, thats what you see, happy to hear and see people are choosing otherwise these days. *p**p* *p*

  6. Agree Deepa, not everything is in our hands. But it is also a choice we ourselves make.. *p*

  7. i guess most of us do….this is more of a timeline to achieve things in a certain way and within a certain time frame…..but am sure one can never stick to these deadlines and they keep changing….not everything is in our hands afterall….*p*

  8. This sounds like a stereotypical way of living. And I see many millennials trying not to run with the world but finding a track for their own. And these are all age-old myths of doing something within age-limits. But today we know people who have been doing something entirely different. *p**p**p*Let's take Haruki Murakami's example. We all know he's a brilliant writer. He got married first, then found a job for himself and then graduated. And his success had nothing to do with the course of life he took. *p*

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