Alone and Single at 50! Do we really need a partner for our later years or we can just about go through the remaining years just as easily?

I have been pondering on this for a while now…How does one keep the same energy and zest for life in the later years? Do we need a Partner or we can make it without one?

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Arti Ohri
June 7, 2017


  1. For me who is just in the 20s and very clear mind what I want. I would say you can go easily but you doing alone is a little exaggeration. I think you should find someone, someone with the same energy you have. This is what I am doing. *p**p*I admit even if the person goes without marriage, then also you need someone with you. *p*

  2. It all depends upon the kind of person you are ..If you are comfortable being alone, happy in self place , do not crave for company then you will have the same energy and zest for life ; but if you are the type who needs to be with someone to share your experiences with , then I feel life can be very boring alone in later years when time hangs heavy on our hands. Then the everyday routine with a partner keeps one busy and we have someone to talk to and his/her presence alone is a comforting factor.*p*

  3. A partner really helps during the later years. Although it depends on how people chose to be during that particular age but psychologically you are going to feel lonely that is for certain. A partner will help ease your mind and assist you during your tough times. Having said that many would prefer to remain single and carry on although the void may well be present.*p*

  4. When you are happy alone, when you can live with yourself, there is no intrinsic necessity to be in relationship. That does not mean that you will not relate. But to relate is one thing, and to be in relationship is quite another. Relationship is a kind of bondage, relating is sharing. You will relate with many people, you will share your joy with many people, but you will not depend on anyone in particular and you will not allow anybody else to depend on you. You will not be dependent, and you will not allow anybody to be dependent on you. Then you live out of freedom, out of joy, out of love or relationship*p*

  5. If we look closely, almost everything in this world is subjective. What could be right for me could be wrong for you and vice versa and your question is no exception. For majority of people it is necessary and for many it is compulsory to live their life with someone, preferably husband or wife. But some are not all so some could choose to live their life alone with their own company. I admit it’s possible and lots of people do so but we cannot deny the power and necessity of companionship at any age especially at older age. We humans are designed to live our lives with companion. It could be anyone a friend, a lover, a partner or anyone but we definitely need company because at the end of the day we all need someone to tell about how our day was unless you are a Zen master.

  6. What i think is we need a companion or close friends…but someone to come home too. Need not necesaarily be a romantic relationship. One can have a close friend/s but they must share space together so that they are around for each other when one is down, or to catch a movie together and most importantly not enter an empty house (not everyday at least). So someone yes, but a romantic partner no! *p*

  7. I think, people generally do need a partner in their later years. But I would like to qualify here that the partner doesnt necessarily have to be a spouse. It could be a good friend, siblings, someone they have really connected with. Having a partner offers companionship and thats always welcome.*p*

  8. We can do without a partner. My opinion, though this may sound ruthless, how many married people lose their partners when they are in their 50s or 60s and have to live alone. The energy weans out and we can never be sure if the partner will be as supporting as required in the later years. Being single or married has its own pros and cons but none is unmanageable. *p*

  9. No compulsion to have a partner. If u love traveling just go for it, and go deep into books. I am sure they will be the best partners you can ever have.*p*

  10. I am 30, Single, and in no ways I find myself ready for a relationship. Life to me ~ right now and coming years ~ seems more productive, professionally and socially, as a single woman. *p**p*I still can't deny the fact that I do understand need of partner to share these life experiences with. I sure have some great friends and I make sure we dont loose out on each other in routine chores. But they have their own lives to build and focus on. Having a partner means to me of having someone you build your life together with and share your life experience with. *p**p*In later years, say at after 50 or so, it becomes even more essential to have some one to look back and cherish these life experiences together.*p**p* *p*

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