Alternative to open relationships

Monogamy and polyamory are two extremes to romance in my opinion. Is there any middle path that overcomes the drawbacks of monogamy and is a viable alternative to open relationships? If not, then which is preferable?

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Ankit Chaturvedi
June 7, 2017


  1. This is one of the much talked about discussions on this platform. You should check the previous questions related to the conflict of having a polygamous relationship. I personally support monogamy because that's how it's supposed to be. Your love which you share with one person in the world and it remains pure in every sense of it. *p*

  2. Dear Ankit you want to have your cake n gulp it too. There is nothing like little monogamy or little polygamy. Just be content in one relationship. The stability the peace is tremendous. May be it gets boring but then everything is boring after a point*p*

  3. A relationship is mostly dependant on what the  partners feel confortable in. If youre talking about Romance specifically then Monogamy or Polyamry have nothing to do with it, really.  I mean you can romance as many people and be happy and romane one . It doesnt matter. *p**p*Secondly and most importantly Sex has nothing to do with romance. One can be unromantic and have sex with a single or multple partners, aint romance got nothing to do with it. *p**p*An alternative to monogamy can be having affairs or sexual relationship with multiple partners without their knowledge. I personally dont see drawbacks in Monigomy except may be boredom which can also be overcome. N frankly. either you have an open relationship or you dont, there isnt any other way. *p*

  4. Practically, monogamy is the most feasible of all forms of relationships. It is also quite pure in nature. Polygamy is indeed a variation, but even in such, the man might come to love one of his wives more than the others. Many examples in our mythology itself. Arjuna loved Subhadra more than he did Draupadi or any of his other wives. Their love is considered much more pure. *p**p*There is no middle path. You've to go with the one that suits you and your partner the best. For most, it is monogamy, with the drawbacks and all.*p*

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