Always together

Is it important for couple to always attend social gatherings together? There are some couples who always show up together. If you invite one, you know the partner is an automatic plus 1. Then there are those who attend functions and events alone. Which is better?

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Divyansh Tripathi
August 24, 2017


  1. Attending events depends more on the nature of invitation. If it is a personal invitation then of course if couples don’t mind then one of the partner can go. Most often though when you are married, invitation to one naturally implies the duo.

    1. In formal contexts, yes. But informally, with friends for example. One can choose if they want to be a couple always seen together. Or want to do their separate things as well

  2. It depends. Some couples are so used to be together all the time that they don’t mind taking their partners to events. For others, it’s different. I don’t think it’s a hige problem to go together even if you are uninvited but still it should be avoided at times depending upon the circumstance

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