Are phones providing digital connectivity, reason for changed way men and women have started opening up ?

How do you look at this newly acquired freedom, convenience and opportunity by people for expressing themselves, in one to one communications ? Is this impact on moral fabric or induced change in society, in the right direction ?

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June 7, 2017


  1. The phones are the best way of expressing our best self in front of others. However, real relationships still require the personal touch, that one to one meeting.*p**p*A relationship which is based on digital communication somehow lacks the warmth and genuineness which only a personalised communication can bring in. A real relationship occurs when we prefer to like a person in toto- accept them with all their flaws and blemishes. In digitally communicating, be it through text, voice or video we only allow our choicest parts of personality to be exposed. This carefully built image will be difficult to sustain in real encounters.*p**p*As for your second question, I don't think that it's in the right direction. It's giving rise to unsound and hollow relationships, which are not healthy in the long run.*p*

  2. Phones definitely keep us connected without the baggage of dressing up or touching up our faces. The internet or sleek mobiles gives us the privacy/option of being visible via photos or videos or communicating by text. There is so much satisfaction in the mobile code/mode. You communicate in sync with your comfort level. Meet up if u wish to, have video chats only when u feel spunky and you're in the frame for it. But the buzzword is you are connected not smothered. You can walk out of your choice you can stay glued in. You are essentially yourself. No moral policing I enjoy this communication revolution. I have opened up with the right people. It's my taste now … I can call the shots. It's not a thinnner that dilutes your nail polish. You are what you are mobile or not, internet or not but yes this virtual exchange of communication has made things easier. Maybe no layers for some maybe lots for others.*p*

  3. They definitely are. But at the same time, phones have also become another wall between people. Now we can say a lot of things without looking somebody in the eye. Things we would not have said in person. *p*

  4. Internet has certainly affected our culture. *p**p*It gives us more access to people's private lives. We see people on holiday, what they wore, we see weddings, babies on fb. Even celebrities lives are perpetually on display. So yes we are very vain on the internet. *p**p*But the good thing about the internet is that you can't fool anyone and get away with it. Someone will point out that what we are saying is incorrect.*p**p*Previously only a few people had access to most information.  *p**p*Its made us more outspoken against Any wrong doings by the government. *p**p*The best thing is that we are always connected even if we live far off. *p*

  5. I feel this medium has slighty done negative for relationships. I remember the time when there were very less number of phones. People used to miss each other so much. There was less bitterness and more love in relationships. Now we have liberty to say anything to anyone at any point of time. But when there were no phones, time used to fix most of the things.This openness in letting couples say anything to each other in any type of emotion. And words never come b back so frquent and easy talking is creating problems in relationships for sure. *p**p*I am really fond of the time when lovers used to write letters to each other. That was awesome!*p**p* *p*

  6. It is impact on moral fabric since people prefer living in virtual world than real one, where you get into relation and easily move out too, advantage is people are more open now more comfortable than face to face discussion and they can be their better self online.Some unexpressed self can be expressed better online than face to face that in way boost once confidence but than again people are so obsessed with it , everything cooks up on high flame in digital than that thing where in you know you cook slow on sim flame and savour your food has gone.*p*

  7. Its a double edged sword. Social media has definitely opened up many vistas to 'meet' like minded people.It does have a possibility of making  new friends. but then, it can also damage 'real life' relationships for mere 'virtual' ones. i think changing the moral fabric is dependant on the younger, and perhaps more impressionable minds, we do try to be larger than life, the ultimate bindass and swag people behind our dp images.So yes,it  has to be handled with a sense of maturity that comes from real life experience.*p*

  8.  *p**p*Your analogy of cooking on high and sim flame, is interesting. The fast food world that it is becoming, welcomes the digital communication mode. Variety and options are tempting people towards experimenting.*p*