Are we continuously drawing inspiration on marriages from our Epics ?

Our Epics since Times immemorial have continued to draw, shape, arrange and rearrange our perspective on marriage. Though they move in a strange way with magical realism thrown here and there but somehow content of the myth stays with us. The experience of the world around has changed so much but these epics still raise issues centering around the moral and ethical issues in marriage.

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Archana Sharma
June 7, 2017


  1. Yes Urmi. rightly said, mythology remains in our collective consciousness, but acquire new meanings with changing times.I find Shiva is the epitome of marriage, even though he is an ascetic, Its a shiva parvati relationship thats invoked at marriage and not a Sita Ram one…perhaps the consciousness also kept the tragic end in memory…*p*Chipping in a bit on Shiva from my own book "Shiva the ultimate time traveller"*p**p*Women sang of Him while they wished to get married to someone else, because He was supposed to be, among many things, a God who lavishly bestowed boons on them to find a suitable groom.*p*He was much married Himself and the name of His eternal beloved, Parvati, was always fused into His own name.*p*So often was He referred to as ‘Shivparvati’, that this plural had become synonymous with togetherness. …*p*In a whole universe that had been projected by Him, She was the one being He loved immensely.*p*Parvati, His inseparable better-half.*p*Parvati, without whom, Shiva felt like ‘not Shiva’.*p*Parvati, without whom, Shiva didn’t feel anything at all.*p*Parvati, without whom, the Seers summarized, “He was Shava, a corpse.”*p*And without whom, as He Himself told Her once, ‘Nothing’, was actually possible.*p**p**p**p**p* *p*

  2. Books cater to readers and not subjects. It is an individuals free will to have opinion. There is nothing right or wrong, when it comes to preferences.*p*

  3. Epics are fanciful stories but trying to make them guidelines in today's fast changing world could be counter productive for the success of the institution called marriage.*p*

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