Are you as women more responsible to spoil your children with technology gifts?

Are you as women more responsible to spoil your children with technology gifts?

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Debashish Majumdar
June 7, 2017


  1. I def think that is totally the man's domain! They try and 'buy' love and make up for the less time though material pampering…*p*

  2. huh? I fail to understand here how spoiling a child or buying technology gifts can be blamed as responsibility of one parent. A child is equal responsibility of both partners unless its a single parent. Any spoiled child for whatever reason is a mishap done by both parties. And please readers, try to avoid giving technology gifts especially mobiles, ipads to kids under the age of 12. Don't be under the impression that it enhances their analytical or logical ability. It actually make them lazy, kill their creative cells and may make them aggressive. Try to involve them in real life activities like reading books, playing outdoor games or board games.*p*

  3. One just goes with the times. U don't want to have a dim witted child who has never seen a tablet or a smart phone but why blame the women. The world is technology based . U have to make them aware of what's happening in the world. Then the choice is theirs to into technology or strum a guitar or get into farming. *p*

  4. There should be a neat balance between the amount of time a kid is using a gadget and amount of time he's spending in the real world. Because if the children get addicted to something like a mobile at a very early age then it'll have a really bad effect. Both mentally and physically. So we won't spoil them if we don't want to. No matter if you're a woman or a man.*p*

  5. Not going personal here would like to say it entirely depends on how you are building the blocks for your kids. To be honest, here the world belongs to technology. You, yourself are not aloof from technical gadgets and devices, thus how would you make sure that your child is in good hands when it comes to technology. At times, it becomes necessary to give them good hands with technology but yes overdoing is certainly not recommended. Your time is what needed the most to your kids. *p**p*Be Happy :)*p**p* *p**p* *p*

  6. I don't know if its just the women who are spoiling their kids.  But yes, most kids nowadays seem to own their personal tv, mobile and laptop. *p**p*There are many reasons why this is happening. *p**p*Probably the parents had a tough childhood and want to raise the standard for their kids *p**p*Probably peer pressure at school *p**p*Probably guilt for not spending time with the kids. *p**p*Whatever the reason we seem to be raising a generation of entitled and selfish kids. *p*

  7. Bhagyashree, you are very right. Kids nowadays are becoming very self-centred and selfish as a result of techno gadgets at their easy disposal.*p*

  8. I fully agree with you Roohi. Aggressive video games and movies are making the kids violent. This built-in aggressiveness will strongly affect their family relationship in an adverse way.*p**p* *p*

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