Are you ready to love without fear of being abandoned and without scared of being hurt?

Most of us are never really ready to be in love and I have met enough men who are dead scared of love and have thus closed their hearts.
And yet we chase love without even realizing that if we dread something, how can we attract it in our lives…ah! the polarity of love & fear that we carry brilliantly together inside our beings.

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Meenu Mehrotra
July 31, 2017


  1. True Tina…but remember, relationships are messy, complicated and they are the pathways to spirituality and the most powerful learning grounds for spiritual evolution- We cannot understand ourselves in isolation and need to connect with others and form relationships with them – and being vulnerable is our biggest strength- that is what makes us more sensitive and strong- hell yes, it is very tough to open up ourselves, get broken to pieces, go thru excruciating misery and pain and be ready to trust again…I can’t even count the number of heartbreaks I have endured but it has also made me what I am today and I won’t change my life’s script if given a chance…I remain in gratitude for each heartbreak…that’s what kept me going in spite of the pain…life goes on…we survive everything- loss, love, failure…

  2. That’s a tough one Meenu! We all fear being vulnerable and we will get hurt when we give other access to oursleves…but the thing is that the biggest happiness comes from relationships!

  3. Priyam- This is how life rolls- we will be hurt, disappointed and we will hurt and disappoint others- the idea is to be conscious of how we are with others and with ourselves- Compassion and kindness is our highest self and once we become love, we can accept and give love unconditionally.

  4. Jamshed- that depends on again whether you are ready or not…and I feel it’s NOT about the right person as it is about how much of your masks have been taken off.

  5. Most people close there hearts after being hurt once. That is why one should think hard before breaking a heart because it leaves scars for life. Perhaps when they see someone else willing to take the plunge for them, they will too

  6. Falling in love means being vulnerable to hurt and heartbreak. And there are many that fear putting themselves in such a spot at the mercy of someone else. But even with those, I have seen that if the right person comes along they put aside their fears and take the plunge

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