Arranged marriage and men

Arranged marriage meetings are an uncomfortable affair. I feel sorry for the woman who is paraded like a showpiece. But it is no ball game for the guy as well. Your entire financial and professional history is discussed. You may need to lie about drinking/smoking, even if you do them socially. And what conversation do you initiate with the girl when asked to talk to her. I find it difficult as I do not want to be seen as intrusive, overbearing etc. I want to make her comfortable and also get to know her. Any tips?

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Divyansh Tripathi
July 25, 2017


  1. Its a good idea to meet outside, where there are no prying eyes of the elders whose priority of questions is different from that of the couple. A coffee shop or a food court is always less intimidating and comfortable for both. Suggest that next time. Avoid his house or hers.

  2. Maybe let her get the ball rolling. Ask her to ask you anything she wants to know. That will also tell you what is important to her. And you can ask similar questions. Once you have a basic idea you can ask any other questions you want to know. Though I’d say leave some questions like her past romances etc out as you two are planning a life forward. Your pasts are not important in such a scenario till someone wants to share

  3. Arranged marriages can be really awkward. Its very hard to strike a conversation with someone with whom you are meeting for the first time. Since you need tips, I would suggest you to start off by asking what her dreams and desires are. It’s always better to give priority to the other person, in these cases. Once you have started a conversation, things will start to calm down and you two will have a decent conversation. Words will flow if you feel that the other person is interesting. All the Best!

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